New Year, Healthier Mouth


Make 2017 the year to improve your dental health!

Many are writing their 2017 New Year’s resolutions list; at the top, you may have losing weight or implementing a plan to save money. But while listing your New Year’s resolutions this time around, consider adding to that list keeping your mouth healthy.

Practicing and maintaining good oral health will keep you looking and feeling good for a lifetime. There are a few strategies that can go a long way in starting your journey for a healthier smile in 2017.

Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is always a plus. Eating well is important for not only your overall health but your dental health as well. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are good for your teeth because they help disturb plaque on your teeth and act as a way to cleanse the mouth. The action of eating crunchy fruits and vegetables increases your saliva production, rinsing away bacteria and food particles.

Another tip for a healthier mouth in 2017 is to quit smoking. There are many dangers associated with smoking such as cancer, lung disease and heart disease. Some of the negative consequences in the mouth include: increased risk of gum disease, tooth discolouration, dulled sense of taste and smell, cavities and lung and oral cancer.

If you are a smoker, at the top of your resolutions list should be a plan to quit smoking, not only your mouth but your entire body will thank you!

One of the main strategies always stressed is your oral hygiene habits.

First, you will need the proper tool to brush with; this is a soft bristled toothbrush. People tend to purchase a medium or hard toothbrush thinking these are more effective but in reality, they do more harm than good. A medium or hard toothbrush, depending on your brushing technique, can help to remove enamel from your teeth, exposing dentin, and causing tooth sensitivity.

So once you have the right toothbrush, you want to brush for at least two minutes twice daily and floss at least once a day. It is also important to remember to brush your tongue to guarantee fresh breath.

The number one tip for a healthy and beautiful smile is to visit your dentist. It is recommended you see your dentist at least twice a year to prevent any dental health problems.

By being a regular dental attender your dentist can correct any problem before it starts to cause discomfort or requires more extensive treatment. Further, if you are not pleased/confident in your smile, talk to your dentist to explore your options on how to get your dream smile. If you do not have a dentist, then begin 2017 by finding a dentist that is the perfect fit for you.

For this new year, focus on treating your mouth right: eat more fruits and vegetables, keep up with your oral care regimen, quit smoking and become a regular dental attender – your teeth will love you for it!


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