Mommy’S Cradle - A Divine Inspiration From God


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Divine inspiration from God, says Shireasha Mader, is what led her to create Mommy’s Cradle – a collection organisation that provides pre-packaged, hospital-ready delivery bags for mothers-to-be.

After the loss of her infant son Reu last April, Shireasha found solace in helping others, and thus Mommy’s Cradle was born.

Shireasha said God enabled her to overcome her grief and channel her gifts to serve others. 

“This is a true testament to God’s perfect love and his peace that he showers on you during a difficult time. The pre-packed, hospital-ready delivery bags are for an easy transition to labour day and hospital stay. The bags are fitting for the mom who wants to be ready months in advance or the one who is unsure where to start,” said Shireasha .

She said it was her goal to take the stress of being hospital ready away from expecting mothers and help them and their families put the focus solely on the miracle of life.

The mommy packages include the Mommy and Me Overnighter, an overnight bag filled with essential items for both mom and baby; Mommy’s Georgie, a care package for the mother-to-be that includes towels, a night gown, slippers, a travel kit, and other essentials to make her comfortable, and Reu’s Pouch, baby necessities such as diapers, wipes, onesies, blankets and other items for baby’s first moments after birth and the travel home.

This New Year’s Day, Shireasha gifted two new mothers at the Princess Margaret Hospital with Mommy’s Georgie packages. 

“It was a welcome surprise to the mothers and the hospital staff. The newest babies of the year are usually showered with gifts, but this time the mothers were showered with a package just for them. It was a joy to see the laughter and smiles that filled the halls and the maternity ward as we entered and presented the baskets. Mommy’s Cradle strives to let others know that we are thinking and praying for them during this miraculous moment in their lives,” said Shireasha.

She is expecting a great 2017 for Mommy’s Cradle and is looking forward to shipping items all across the Bahama islands.


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