Neymour Upset As Fnm Choose Alternative For Exuma Race


Phenton Neymour


Tribune Staff Reporter


PHENTON Neymour, Free National Movement member of Parliament, expressed disappointment on social media over the weekend when he was not chosen as the FNM’s candidate to run in Exuma in the upcoming general election.

In a series of posts on Facebook, Mr Neymour, who claimed to have received most of the support from the party’s executive council in Exuma, engaged in a war of words with several executives of the FNM, after he was told in a post “Phenton Neymour is no more”.

The argument started when one FNM executive suggested that Exuma did not want Mr Neymour and the party’s supposed chosen candidate, Navarro Bowe, had the support of Exuma residents despite Mr Bowe reportedly receiving significantly fewer votes than Mr Neymour during a vote of the executive council in Exuma.

In response, Mr Neymour said that he had the “largest family in Exuma” and threatened to withdraw his support, as well as his family’s, from the FNM.

“This is how you publicly speak of an Exumian who has probably the largest voting family in Exuma? Former FNM MP, former FNM Cabinet minister? Hmmm, I will have a lot to say on what you call lies, someone will need a good lawyer. The majority of the Exuma FNM executives voted for me,” Mr Neymour’s post read.

“That is a fact and is public knowledge in Exuma. No driftwood can tell a man born in Exuma to leave Exuma. But I do see that you are open to me leaving and withdrawing the support of my family and I.

“I will inform my family of the position of an executive member of the FNM Exuma association. For the record, you know I have the largest family in Exuma.

“... The people from Exuma know the truth. Stay tuned,” he wrote.

When contacted for comment yesterday, Mr Neymour said he was simply defending himself “against an attack by FNM executives.”

When asked if was promised by FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis that he would be the party’s candidate in Exuma, Mr Neymour said he was asked by Dr Minnis not to publicly comment on the matter any further.

“I was requested by the leader of the party, not to comment on the matter within the next three to four days to allow him to address the nomination for the Exuma constituency. As I have made the commitment to him not to make any public statements, I will reserve my comment for now.”

According to party insiders, Dr Minnis received a signed petition by over 300 FNM voters last year stating they wanted Mr Neymour to be their representative. The Tribune understands that three candidates, Mr Neymour, Mr Bowe and Joshua Sears were presented to the Exuma constituency association for the vote, with the understanding that whoever the association chose, Dr Minnis would ratify as the Exuma candidate.

Sources say Mr Neymour received 67 per cent of the vote.

Calls to Dr Minnis were not returned up to press time.

Mr Neymour served as minister of state for the environment and South Beach MP in the last Ingraham administration.

He ran as the FNM’s Exuma candidate in the 2012 general election, losing to incumbent Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) representative Anthony Moss.


banker 4 years ago

Perhaps because his career as a cabinet minister was less than stellar?


Greentea 4 years ago

Or that he couldn't beat Anthony Moss?


viewersmatters 4 years ago

It's about time to rid all the old politics and give others who can preform a better job a chance. Minnis to should step aside and give a young person a chance to bring changes and make a better impact and change. We need a total end to the pindling and Hubert error once and for all. PLP should do just the same as well out with the old and in with the new


TalRussell 4 years ago

Comrades! Hopefully this is about just another defeated former red shirts cabinet minister's thinking they still got's some kinds residual political capital be's dumping on Exumaians.
From what I've been hearing coming out the Exuma's, it's all sounding good in that the party’s supposed chosen candidate Navarro Bowe is an excellent choice of a new generation Candidates for the 2017 General.
Maybe, the former cabinet minister might feel more at home as a member of the reds junior party - da green shirts.
Soon we'll be hearing from another former cabinet minister laying claim to a Exuma House set - the PLP's George Smith.


licks2 4 years ago

I wonder why he wants to contest this seat. . .EVERYBODY SEEM TO "NEVER GIVE UP THEY SEATS". . .what is so sweet in dat HOA that make these old JIVING people them don't want to go home? Lol! This what Dr Myles was talking about aye. . ."people looking like they are going crazy. . .some er them ger dead too". . .Lol!


themessenger 4 years ago

Game come!!! I takin' my marbles an I gwine, f...k alla yinna!


TalRussell 3 years, 12 months ago

Comrades! I would hope that before Phenton, carries out his threat to withdraw his and that of his - the “largest family in Exuma's” support for the red party come the 2017 General - he might remember the words of inspiration delivered at his late father's funeral service by The Rt. Rev. Laish Boyd, who said that; The scripture in the Book of Proverbs which says that there is a time for everything. "Even in the season of testing and challenge, you have to learn what season you're in and adjust to deal with the season," said Rev. Boyd. Comrade Phenton, while this may not be your political season, Exuma is in preparation for the 2017 General Election season, and her constituents need know that they can count on you, not to be just another Loretta, or one her 6-Rebel Coup MP's spoilers.


banker 3 years, 12 months ago

He's just looking for another chance to lick gravy out of the trough.


SP 3 years, 12 months ago

Spineless PHENTON Neymour Crashed & Burned With Hubert Ingraham. STAY GONE!


licks2 3 years, 12 months ago

Mr. Neymour sounding so childish right up in now. . ."he will ask his family not to support the FNM because he can't be the candidate"? They are making the Doc look soooo good. . .he is cleaning up the system by clearing the ground. . .keep the "dead weights" out of the process at the get go! Now we are "seeing" some of the crap them persons who wanted their next chance at the cookie jar will do to get their sticky fingers in the pot. . .the whole seven. . .the leader of the DNA. . .making the rocin doc look good!! The streets are rocin for doc among the young. . .middle class and surprisingly, the grass root areas! They all are laughing about how he can't speak worth a lick. . .Lol! But they are taking a serious second look at him. . .they don't want Mr. McCartney any more. . .after his inept performances recently with LBT. . .his way less than honest statements in public. . .his Deputy leader seem more reliable than him now. . .in fact some now think that his DL is the "breen" in that party!



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