View From Afar: The Distraction Of Politics


John Issa


IT HAS been quite a while since my last column. Maybe not many people noticed but I thought it may be good to explain why.

As I have said before, this column tries to deal with economic, social and environmental matters. It avoids partisan political affairs. However, it has been problematic because almost everything seems to eventually become a matter of partisan political debate or a political football. As a result, I have had difficulty selecting subjects with which to deal. So I have to once again return to the subject of promoting matters that I believe that should transcend partisan politics. These include Education, Citizen’s equal rights under the law, Protecting the Environment, Reviving Bay Street and Law and Order.

This is not a complete list but it is a start and i think there is enough here to keep well thinking Bahamians busy for quite a while.

The question that arises is whether there is any national sentiment to try to change the current situation. This column hopes to, at least, start the conversation.

I may be wrong and if any readers think that is the case, please let me know. Remember as the name of this column says, it is a VIEW FROM AFAR.


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