Imaging Services Resume At Hospital After Problems Caused By Flooding

IMAGING services have resumed at the Princess Margaret Hospital following a series of challenges at the main public health facility over the weekend.

In a press release issued Monday, PMH said in view of recent flooding at the Radiology Department, which resulted in a backlog of patients requiring diagnostic services, management requests only urgent care patients to present themselves to the Accident & Emergency Department.

All non-urgent care cases requiring diagnostic services this week can be accessed at the South Beach Clinic during the extended hours of operation between 6pm and midnight until Friday, July 21, the hospital noted.

Only persons with trauma and life-threatening cases should visit the Emergency Department.

Non-urgent care can be accessed at PMH’s Family Medicine Clinic at Agape House, located 4th Terrace Centreville from 8am to 8pm weekdays and all community clinics: Elizabeth Estates, South Beach, Fleming Street, and Flamingo Gardens Clinic between the hours of 8am to 9pm weekdays.

For more information regarding the extended hours of care at public community clinics, health officials said to call 392-1773, 392-2123 or 392-1783.

Clients may also contact the Trauma & Emergency Department of the Princess Margaret Hospital at 326-7014, hospital officials said.

On Sunday, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands said the problems at the hospital forced some patients to be relocated to the South Beach Clinic and others to wait for more than 24 hours in some cases.

Dr Sands said flooding from a broken pipe took the CAT scan and ultrasound machines out of commission causing significant delays to those needing diagnostics. In addition, he said, there were no available beds on the female medical ward and unfortunately some patients had to sleep on cots in the hallways because “there was just no room.”

He said the “perfect storm” was caused by years of “dumb and inappropriate decisions” and he is “honestly not sure” when a solution to the “mess” will be found.


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