Change Since May 10?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Has anything changed since May 10, 2017?

We have the same size Cabinet which we cannot afford.

Opposition Chair of Finance Committee, who when in Government could not control the never ending spending says: We will watch the FNM Budget. They did not themselves, do you think they know how to?

Opposition aspirants? Anyone closely connected to Perry Christie might well retire now and move aside. If the PLP has any sense, their sole chance for 2020 is to appoint Chester Cooper as Leader. All the hanger-ons move out of the way. The list is very long, they been around long.

NEMA…hurricane season already on us and they go to church whilst trees over-hang everywhere…damage from past storm Joaquin and Matthew still remain to be completed. Did you see that line in Freeport of people trying to get things straight? I can see why Freeport went “red”. Pre-May 10, 2017, now PM Minnis critictized NEMA’s performance, but now praises them to heaven. Well blow me down!

Budget…why did not we hear:-

  1. All pay scales for the coming 2 years are suspended (no pay raises).

  2. Travel of Ministers - restricted to the bare minimum and entourages down to (1).

  3. Cancel and stop volunteering The Bahamas as a meeting place for global organizations - CARICOM-inter-Government groups. Today there are two such meetings taking place, probably inherited. They cost us money and we ain’t got it.

  4. Budget of all Ministries, no annual increases for the coming 3 years, unless already contracted.

  5. Real Property Tax - adopt a warning advice, then shame and collect system - no discounts, we need every dime.

  6. All those unnecessary Government lunches and seminars…do them over SKYPE and save a bundle.

To the co-called Talk Show experts…get your house in order first, Balance the Budget…only then try to pay down on Debt. Let us forget trying to be Singapore, we ain’t got it, we ain’t Singapore anyway.

Best advice think small - execute project by project…step by step sadly. A chance to overcome!



June 12, 2017.


ThisIsOurs 1 year ago

"co-called Talk Show experts…get your house in order first, Balance the Budget…only then try to pay down on Debt."

You should be KP's economic advisor, cause he didn't seem to understand that. He said he was going to "take a percentage of VAT to pay down the debt". We are in trouble at Finance, he doesn't understand and he keeps tripping over his statements and his walking back of statements almost on a daily basis.


ThisIsOurs 1 year ago

"appoint Chester Cooper as Leader"

Check obligations to gaming houses on that.


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