Global Worship Centre Hosts 2nd Annual Graduation Service


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More than 20 students will be graduating today from the Global College of Theology.

This is the second annual commencement ceremony and will take place tonight at 6.30 at the Global Worship Centre, located in the Summer Winds Commercial and Industrial Park.

Twelve students are graduating with Associate degrees in Biblical Studies, 10 students with Bachelor degrees in Theology, two with Masters in Christian Ministry, and one student with a doctorate in Theology.

The Global College of Theology opened its doors in January 2013 as the first international extension of the North Carolina Theological Seminary. 

“We hosted our first commencement exercises in September 2015 where eight students graduated with Associate degrees in Biblical Studies and seven students graduated with Bachelor degrees in Theology.

“We are honoured and excited all at the same time to know that all of the students met the requirements to graduate and no one has failed,” said Dr Brenda Pratt, president of the Nassau campus and director for Caribbean extension campuses.

When asked how the initial discussions with the North Carolina Theological Seminary for a Bahamian campus came together, Dr Pratt said it is all part of the overall vision of the Global Worship Centre.

She, along with senior leader Apostle Dwight Pratt, sensed the need to help further equip members of the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry.

“Students get to come and celebrate with family and friends their educational achievements. We also will have our president, Dr Varnie N Fullwood, and his wife Dr Idella Fullwood as our out-of-town guests present at the event.

“Our guest speaker giving the commencement address will be Apostle Dwight Grant,” said Dr Pratt.

Looking forward to a successful evening, Dr Pratt said the service will also be used as an avenue to get the word out concerning the college and the opportunities available for students who are interested in furthering their education at an accredited college with affordable tuition. 

All interested persons are asked to contact the centre’s office at 601-3152 or e-mail globalcollegetheology@yahoo.com for more information.


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