Meditation: Learning How To Lead

By Rev Angela C

Bosfield Palacious

BEFORE I begin, what have you learned about being a good leader? Bearing those points in mind, you may read my suggestions and see how much we agree:

  1. Believe in God

and in yourself

It took some time for me to realise that God was quite serious about my ordination and that I needed to be mentally and spiritually prepared. I had completed the necessary courses of study, but the emotional adjustment was needed in order to fully embrace the call. Most persons in the Bible had to be convinced by God that they were going to be used by God in spite of the weaknesses and limitations that were so obvious to them. Perhaps we can consider it to be humble confidence that makes us truly depend on God for guidance and wisdom to become an obedient leader.

  1. Respect yourself

Set boundaries and guidelines for yourself. Keep the ideal of integrity, righteousness and godliness ever before you. As you grow in reverence for God, apply God’s standards to your own conduct and attitudes so that you may base your self-esteem on godly self-respect. You will never be perfect, you will fall and fail, but let it not be because you do not care to please God or see the need to respect yourself.

  1. Admit mistakes

When faced with opposition, ponder whether there is an iota of truth in what has been said. Then weigh and pray about your response. Admit if you are wrong, quietly explaining (if permitted) your position if you believe that you are right. Maintain your royal dignity even if you are misunderstood. Think before speaking, guard your tongue and your temper carefully, and speak your truth boldly but with love.

  1. Keep growing

In order to be prepared to face any eventuality, keep reading, learning, studying and being mentored by those who are great leaders. Never become complacent, lazy, or so comfortable that you do not want to be better than you are already. Equip yourself to be eligible for any task that may present itself, and enjoy enlarging your own capacity. This goes for hobbies, relationships, careers, and any and all areas of your life.

  1. Move in the right


Even if we walk alone, let us keep going in a godly direction. Let us seek to lead people toward the Lord, so that our time with the Lord is spent listening to God’s will and then to obey it. Whether we have a few friends and family members, or we have a huge following, let us aim to lead them toward healing and wholeness, forgiveness and salvation, toward the joy and peace of God. Use your influence to empower others to be ambassadors for Christ.

  1. Be of Christ-like


This involves being a humble leader, a wise leader, a hard-working leader and a trustworthy leader. It means taking care whom we follow so as not to be led astray. It is for us to govern our private life as if it will always be public.

  1. Work to replace


We are building a nation not carving a Kingdom. Our motives are to be aimed at generational growth and the prosperity of the population. Let us work to replace ourselves with no fear of competition. God has enough work for us all to do. As we pass on our skills and talents, let us make room for the greatness of others.

  1. Recognise rewards

When we work for the Lord, for country, family and our own development, we can easily put our whole selves into what we do. Our reward is the joy of service; the blessings come from contributing to the enhancement of all things good in society. Lead by example and the success of our people will be reward enough.


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