To The Poles: A Special Weekend For Women To Learn How To Fish


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Ladies, it’s time to get up, get out and get off da rock, as the third annual ladies fishing weekend kicks off this Friday with several new activities and with exciting experiences in store.

Participants will learn fishing techniques with Captain Anthony DiGiulian of the International Game Fish Associations School of Sport-fishing. A prize will be given for the biggest fish caught and the women will also get to enjoy a mix and mingle at the Plantation Bar and Grill, receive goodie bags with tournament performance shirts, and more. 

“This weekend is about teaching women how to fish and exposing them to that particular industry. It is a very lucrative field, but we are doing it for fun; also providing information about conservation. Conservation and green living is big across the world, and protecting the industry and the fisheries is all a part of this event,” said Alexandria Newbold, founder of the Off Da Rock Ladies Fishing Weekend.

It was while on a trip to Fort Lauderdale about five years ago that Ms Newbold came across an event called Ladies Let’s Go Fishing. She was inspired to launch a similar ladies fishing weekend here in the Bahamas. 

“I attended the event in Florida and it was so good. Like-minded women held world records and they were there again, learning just to be in that environment with women doing something like that. I incorporated the idea at home because it is such a good thing,” she said.

Her fascination with fishing stems from her childhood years growing up around her father’s boats.

“There was always this thing with what was considered ‘girls stuff’ and ‘boys stuff’, so while my brothers learned how to dive and fish, I was a bit restricted to girly activities,” she said.

But after her first fishing experience, Ms Newbold said she was so enthralled that it became a hobby for her.

“I am hoping the ladies encourage their younger daughters and nieces to learn how to fish, because this is also a job; it is a major industry where money can be made. Later this year we are going to do a number of fun trips in August, November and December, and hopefully it grows from there where we will try to turn it into a business,” said Ms Newbold.

For more information, visit OffDaRockBahamas.com, call 436-6695 or e-mail info@offdarockbahamas.com. Partial proceeds from the Ladies Fishing Weekend will go to the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association.


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