BPL ‘critical’ without new equipment

Paul Maynard

Paul Maynard


Tribune Staff Reporter


BAHAMAS Power and Light is at a “critical stage” and if the company does not get new equipment immediately, the summer will be plagued with power outages, according to President of the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union Paul Maynard.

Mr Maynard told The Tribune on Friday that the “engines are shot” and even with the added power from the rental engines, it will not be enough to stop the outages. However, he said, Bahamas Electrical (BPL) workers are professional and will do all they can to ensure the outages are not long.

Mr Maynard’s comments came a day after a night of outages in New Providence on Thursday. Some customers complained about up to three outages in a 24-hour period.

“The problem is now critical,” Mr Maynard said. “We need new equipment, there will continue to be blackouts throughout the summer if we do not get them immediately. The engines are tripping because the load has increased because it is summer. Everyone has their air conditioning on and so the ancient engines are overloaded.

“The engines are shot and, so until we get new equipment, this is what you can expect. We are professionals at (BPL) and we will do what we have to do, the power will go off but it will not be for a long period of time. We will do our best to keep the power on but there is only so much we can do, even with the rentals it will not be easy.”

On Saturday, BPL advised on its Facebook page that crews were working to restore power to the Pride Estates area “after severe damage was done to our distribution network, which has resulted in poles needing to be changed.”

Meanwhile, several customers vented their frustration on social media last week about frequent outages.

“BPL/BEC are you guys trying to break some type of record tonight? This is ridiculous,” one person wrote. “This is the fourth time current turn off in the past three hours. This gonna be a long summer. When are you guys going to get it together (sic).”

Another person wrote: “Worthless I say! I do not care who is the new government, this needs to be fixed. Bahamas Power and Light, this island is 21 by 7, why can’t you fix this problem?”

Earlier this month, with the hot summer months approaching, BPL expressed “confidence” in its readiness to take on the peak period with its higher power generation capability.

In a statement, BPL said while it expected the needed power generation this summer to peak at 255 megawatts, its current generation availability is over 345mw. This is 90mw higher than the demand expected this summer.

In addition, the electricity provider said transmission cables between Blue Hills Power Station and the Big Pond Sub-Station have been replaced and upgraded to improve the capacity and reliability of the transmission system.

Pointing to the period from June to September last year, in which BPL experienced challenges due to low generation availability and reliability, the company said it wanted to ensure Bahamians would not suffer from the same issues this summer.

American company PowerSecure was contracted to take over management at the government-owned utility provider in early 2016.

The new management deal was promoted by the Christie administration as being the answer to sub-par electricity service and high electricity bills.

However the country has still been plagued with repeated power outages, especially in the summer months.


Publius 5 years, 9 months ago

Translation, in the illustrious words of Leslie Miller, "our *** ga sweat".


proudloudandfnm 5 years, 9 months ago

Lol. The problem has been critical for bout 8 years now... lol...

And yinna Nasau people aint saying shit. Lol. No marches, no strikes, no nothing for 8 years!

Yinna is allow ya gubment to boungy you... lol...


alfalfa 5 years, 9 months ago

Same story that was published last week. Same B/S. Union pressure on the government and populice. BPL needs revamping for sure, but not under the guidance of this clown, or his union. Collect the 130 plus million on the a/c's receivable, most of which is from PLP cronies. This will give them some capital to replace the bunker C diesels, that continue to make Snake rich, with some more efficient, less expensive, power sources, which are eco-friendly and less costly to the Bahamian consumer.


Socrates 5 years, 9 months ago

we happily borrow $300mil between RBDF and Bahamasair for luxury items like boats and planes, but can't see the sense in buying generators for electricity... unbelievable....


athlete12 5 years, 9 months ago

How long have they been talking about new generators and equipment now?

Why is something like this so hard to fix? Seriously, I would like someone to explain to me please.

Things like this and some places still not having running water in 2017


B_I_D___ 5 years, 9 months ago

...the art of the deal...they were delaying and delaying trying to find the best way to get the best kickback to line their pockets...


ThisIsOurs 5 years, 9 months ago

He said nothing when BPL made the announcement that they were prepared for the summer, he said nothing when we were promised free electricity. It was only after the 12 hour blackout that he piped up to say "it wasn't me blame those other people". It's a pattern with him


alfalfa 5 years, 9 months ago

Thisisours, you have hit the nail on the head. He is typical of all union leaders in this country. In it for what they can get. If you don't laugh you'll cry. We seem to have an endless supply of people like this. When one is removed, they are replaced by another, more ambitious, money hungry individual, who could care less about the union members, or the state of the company by which they are employed.


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