To Increase Or Not?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

When there is a pervasive culture of corruption and greed, no amount of money is sufficient to satisfy incessant craving of many Bahamians. And, now, to use the argument that by upping the salaries of Parliamentarians would be the cure-all to endemic pilfering from the people’s coffers is a fallacy born in hell.

Now do not get me wrong; I am not opposing a salary increase for persons in Parliament who carry out their functions with pride, diligence and due scrutiny; but to treat every Tom, Dick and Harry on an equal basis barely six months into their term smacks of irresponsibility with the people’s money. If one were to use the yardstick of the last parliamentary sessions, one would have to conclude that not too many of those adorning the halls of Parliament earned even fifty percent of their designated salary. However, if we were to institute the recall of non-performing Parliamentarians, then we may obtain value for money. In so many ways, we never escape putting the cart before the horse!

We are a small population near 400,000 souls. Many well-oiled and performing companies around the world are larger. All we need is a dozen enlightened men and women with passion, verve, wisdom and fortitude to run this nation and then we can afford to pay them handsomely. Our archaic and parliamentary system of governance serves only to perpetuate abuse at every level of society with no one really being held responsible for any malfeasance.

Remember too that the people’s money pays the Parliamentarians, and, thus, the citizens should have a say in what is paid to their employees in government. Therefore, if a select committee is appointed to discuss the issues of pros and cons for increases, that committee should include members of the public. If not, then we have the same old situation of city hall judging, awarding and rewarding itself.

Finally, we, as a people, need at least one full year to establish whether the magnificent promise of “IT’S THE PEOPLE’S TIME” in anyway nears a reality.

Joseph Darville

Tax Payer, Freeport


Well_mudda_take_sic 1 year, 1 month ago

Fully concur - very well put. Thank you.


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