Pindling Aiming For A Run?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

OVER the past year or so Bahamian politics had become mundane to me. However, my political mood experienced an abrupt change when I saw a write-up in the two major dailies regarding Monique Pindling’s address at the PLP convention.

The address piqued my interest for two reasons.

Firstly, it was given by a progeny of Sir Lynden Pindling, the man widely heralded as the “Father of the Nation.”

And secondly, the speech was a scathing assessment of the defunct administration of ex-Prime Minister Perry Christie.

It was a very courageous move by Pindling. She could have been heckled by irate PLP stalwarts who might not have been in the mood for any constructive criticism.

Pindling was really only echoing the sentiments of thousands of Bahamians throughout the country.

Notwithstanding Christie’s untimely rebuke of Pindling for scolding the party in a public forum, I believe that since many of the political blunders of the past administration were committed publicly, Pindling did the appropriate thing in chastising her party publicly.

To the best of my knowledge, this was Monique Pindling’s first address at a PLP convention.

It makes you wonder if she is seriously considering contesting a seat in the 2022 general election.

None of the children of Sir Lynden have ever been elected to Parliament.

I believe it was Michelle Pindling-Sands who contested the Yamacraw seat in 1992, but lost to the venerable Janet Bostwick.

She was subsequently appointed to the Senate in 2002 under the first Christie administration. It will be interesting to see what Monique Pindling’s next political move will be. Maybe her speech at the PLP convention was her own way of getting her political feet wet. Time will tell.


Freeport, GB

November 2, 2017.


sheeprunner12 1 year, 1 month ago

The Pindling children should stay out of front-line politics ....... it brings back too many bad memories of their .................... father (feel free to fill in the blank).


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