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ALCONDO Hepburn of Moonlight Strikers was the top scorer in the Financial Bowling League that continued on Wednesday night at Mario’s Bowling and Family Entertainment with a 608 high three game set.

Alfred Burrows of BTC Night Hawks was the runner-up with a 585 second high set. Kevin V Williams of ZNS Hill Thrillers downed the pins for an impressive high game of 247 followed by a 236 from Kevin B Williams of Strike Force.

Kayla Nixon of ZNS Hill Thrillers was the MVP for the ladies’ division with a 202 high game and a 528 high three game set. Petrina Cartwright of Rubis Oil Stars followed with a 478 second high set. Betsy Taylor of Best Deal Kirki Bar downed the pins for a respectable 186 second high game.

The team scores of the evening were as follows:

Best Deal Kirki Bar 2, Leno Corporate Services 1; ZNS Hill Trillers 2, BTC night Hawks 1; Deloitte & Touche 2, Rubis Oil Stars 1; Strike Force 2, Moon light Strikers 1. Team standings for the top five teams are as follows:

Leno Corporate Services 16.5 10.5

Best Deal Kirki Bar 16 11

Strike Force 14 13

BTC Night Hawks 14 13

Deloitte & Touche 13 14



BAHAMAS Archery is scheduled to hold its 2017 Open Invitational on Sunday at St Paul’s Field, Western New Providence.

Local archery club, Bahamas Archery, is hosting a friendly archery tournament to bring together archers and archery fans for a day of competition.

This is the first island-wide inter-club archery tournament hosted in The Bahamas, where over 30 archers of all ages will compete in two different styles of archery for cash and gift prizes.


10am - Archer Registration Closes

10:45am - Youth Traditional Archers

11:45am - Adult Traditional Archers

12:30pm - Archer Registration Closes

1pm - Youth Olympic Recurve Archers

2:30pm - Adult Olympic Recurve Archers



THE Cuckoos pulled off a 29-28 win over Baillou last weekend as the Bahamas Rugby Union continued its regular season action at the Winton rugby pitch.

On Saturday, Baillou will try to redeem themselves when they take on the Buccaneers in the lone game at 3pm.


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