Minnis And The Press

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WHY did Prime Minister Minnis make the infamous comments on the press practice at the Press Association and why seemingly since then the press, member of, are very touchy?

Mistake one was the creation of this over Inflated post in OPM ... The Office of The Prime Minister Press Secretariat - BIS/Bahamas Information Services provided our Prime Ministers with excellent cover pre-1973 and since and never to my memory were we faced with such language and attempt to direct the opinion and coverage of the Press.

All politicians better understand they don’t have the last say.

A radio Talk Show Host very popular early PM – when a caller sent in a text how did he go ballistic told the text writer NEVER send me another text! Hey guy cool it.

Politicians in small countries and even the largest must be accessible to the media - in person not through as we see, copied in our case The Office of the Presidential Press Secretary/White House press Secretary.

Didn’t we hear a little while ago from PM Minnis that all of his Ministers have been Instructed to always answer the press and be open?

Prime Minister what sells newspapers? Certainly not good news. I remember when I was studying at university my lecturer commented on a Winston Churchill comment as to the press and what was written or more so what was not written about him ... he screamed if his name was not on the front page - good, bad and indifferent which in his cases much was till he became PM.

Never be afraid of the Press they can make you or make your life miserable.

We must uphold and guard always the freedom of speech and Press.....



November 24, 2017.


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