Looking Back On The Week’S News

EDITOR, The Tribune.

COMMERCIAL Enterprise Act - progressive but was it really necessary? Surely a consolidation of all the existing Laws would have been easy. I must again state emphatically that the so-called NEC/National Economic Council is not supported by Law and again Agreements given by the NEC are not worth the paper they are typed on.

If no one realises it also every single Heads of Agreement from the Ingraham era through Christie and all inclusive are also not worth the paper they are written on with one exception the last Heads of Agreement between Government and EXIM China on Baha Mar for some incredible reason they finally got it right... the Secretary to Cabinet did not sign it, the PS in the OPM/Ministry of Finance signed, who were the two agencies that could legally give the concessions. All that fuss about Kerzner having special status is rubbish - if challenged in court, the judge would laugh at everyone. This is exceptionally important as therefore there are no restrictions to the granting of Casino Licenses In New Providence.

Mr Minister of National Security - an event purely for your Constituency, Mt Moriah, should never have included the use of a Royal Bahamas Police traffic motorcycle outrider escorting Shaq O’Neil and the turkeys distributed for Thanksgiving. This is abuse of power - serious bad sign, Mr Minister. An apology, please.

When a Prime Minister talks too early and when he should not incline decline in Crime and fear of crime as the next day headlines across those newspapers that we now find he, the PM, dislikes reporting they screamed ...... 70+ year old man dead - Police shoot criminal. So there is no fear? The people have changed totally how they live ..... built fortresses around their homes and you tell us there Is no fear? Where are you living, Prime Minister?

Kudos to the RBDF on the completion of the post hurricane in Dominica.

Remember that verification exercise of Ministry of Finance – can the good Minister confirm the results ... just curious how many pay cheques were unauthorised and what have you done about it? Actually were there any?



November 26, 2017.


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