Commerce Bill Plan

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I imagine that Brent Symonette is a little self-conscious about tooting his own family’s horn, but perhaps the very best example that could be given to the Bahamian people, to demonstrate the positive side of what this bill is trying to do, is to simply look at the history of our own Commonwealth Bank.

That history is online for anyone to read http://www.combankltd.com/web/bank.nsf/vContent/About%20Us#history and it tells of a 57-year history, starting with Brent’s own father, joint venturing with a Canadian, Peter Paul Saunders, who was the former head of a Canadian company Laurentide Financial Corporation.

Today, Commonwealth Bank is a major player in commercial banking in The Bahamas, and is run entirely by Bahamians, but more importantly, it is owned by Bahamians, perhaps exclusively.

Bahamians have to get beyond the “bogey man foreigner” coming here just to eat their lunch.

And I don’t know of any politician on either side of the political spectrum, who would be so politically stupid, to knowingly let that happen.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.



November 27, 2017.


birdiestrachan 1 year ago

Nothing to fear but fear itself. and when they begin to charge you VAT on your rental property. As long as it does not affect you it is all right.


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