Seeing The Church In A New Light – Panel Discussion Seeks To Bridge The Gap Between Old And Young –


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WHAT is the major function of the church? Is it just a place for people to assemble once a week? How do you heal from church hurt? How can the gap between older and younger believers be closed?

An upcoming panel discussion under the title “The Church” seeks to explore possible answers to those pertinent questions that affect Christian believers, said Travis Edgecombe, the organiser and creator of The Gospel Buzz blog.

The panel discussion will be held this Saturday at Potential Church beginning at 7pm.

“There were numerous times I would have discussions with persons my age or even younger that would share their concerns or disinterest in church. They grew up in the church, but somewhere between their teenage years and young adult life they carry a lot of ‘church hurt’. So hopefully, we can get to the root of the problem by having a relaxed discussion, sharing experiences,” he told Tribune Religion.

“The Church” discussion will feature a group of leaders from throughout the island from various denominations, including Pastor Lyall Bethel, Pastor Rikeno Moncur, Rev Diana Francis, Apostle Kellen Russel, Apostle Gail McKinney, and Pastor Deno Cartwright, who will speak to issues concerning the Church today.

The aim of the discussion, Mr Edgecombe said, is to get to the root of problems by sharing experiences. In doing so, he hopes wounds will be healed.

He said be the purpose of the church, a Millennial’s point of view of the church, bridging the gap between old and young, and much more will be discussed during this much needed conversation.

“The Christian journey is not easy and we will make mistakes, but sometimes certain situations affect some of us differently and some may be able to handle it and some can’t, but communication is key,” said Mr Edgecombe.

“A lot of issues get blown out of proportion in the church because of lack of communication, rumours, backstabbing, backbiting, religion, division, which gives the enemy room to seek out who he can devour. I believe when we come together as the body of Christ, a dissemination of the Word of God can reveal solutions to persons that carry the weight of discouragement, betrayal, insecurity or doubt; they can now have hope, faith, and most importantly, love.”


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