Glenys Hanna-Martin Is The Status Quo

EDITOR, The Tribune.

As the race for leader of the PLP heats up it is comical that Glenys Hanna-Martin would claim that she is uprooting the status quo.

In my opinion, more than the other three PLP Members of Parliament she definitely represents the status quo. I am not fully sold on Philip “Brave” Davis, but Ms. Martin is surely not the answer if the PLP intends to move in a new direction.

Firstly, Ms. Hanna-Martin is the only present PLP parliamentarian who has been a member of two Christie cabinets.

Both times she held the same portfolio and her performance and impact was average at best.

She is a former Chairman of the PLP and was not effective in that role. In fact many seem to forget why the Party leadership had to get rid of her and call for the return of Bradley Roberts as Chairman because the party was falling apart under Ms. Martin’s leadership. She was not an effective Chairman. In fact, she was a liability and it was widely agreed that she had to go. She held power as Chairman for over two years to change the way the PLP operated but failed to do anything. There is nothing that anyone can point to during her time as Chairman that was progressive or served to better the PLP!

Also, it’s as if she and her team have failed to realize why the PLP lost the last election so badly. She is travelling with and has several campaign posters with many of the personalities whose actions and behaviour contributed significantly to the fall of the PLP. They represent everything that is wrong with the status quo in the PLP. Their old style bully politics is outdated and a turn off.

Many people also believe that Ms. Hanna-Martin is only fronting for the leadership ambitions of Obie Wilchcombe. Had Mr. Wilchcombe won his seat there is no doubt that he would be running for leader and she would not even be in the race.

That is not a sign of true leadership on her part. Wilchcombe is no longer popular.

The Bahamian people are not interested in him leading the PLP or the country either directly or through Hanna-Martin. Mr. Wilchcombe seems stuck in the past and continues to talk about the UBP etc.

He does not seem to realize that the Bahamas has moved on and there are new challenges facing the country and his party. He represents the old guard. Ms. Hanna-Martin’s closeness to Wilchcombe and his perceived influence over her signals that the status quo would remain under her leadership.

Ms. Hanna-Martin has failed to outline any real plans to move the PLP forward and rescue the party from this low point. Her campaign seems more focused on Philip Brave Davis and that “it’s time for a woman to lead” than anything substantive. Emotive politics is very much the politics of the past. Does Ms. Hanna-Martin have any plans or does she just want to be leader?

Her aunt, Ms. Barbara Pierre, is the Secretary General of the PLP.

She has served the party well but many believe it is time for her to move on in the interest of renewing and rebuilding the PLP.

This position of Secretary General is appointed by the Party Leader. It would seem likely that Barbara Pierre would remain as Secretary General should Ms. Hanna-Martin be elected PLP leader. How is that uprooting the status quo?

What is most amazing is that at the last PLP convention in January of this year, when Alfred Sears offered for Leader, that Ms. Hanna-Martin was one of the biggest cheerleaders for maintaining the status quo and re-electing Perry Christie.

Several of the persons who are now included in her social media ads were very vocal and vicious as they jeered Alfred Sears and his quest to change the status quo in the PLP. Now these people want to uproot it?

Yeah right! Many PLPs have not forgotten those ugly scenes. She did not defend Sears nor his right to run for the top post. Where was principle and conviction when it counted?

To me, Glenys Hanna Martin is the status quo in the PLP. She represents and is too close to all that needs to be uprooted and changed. She is not the answer. Philip Brave Davis is not necessarily the long term solution for the PLP, however at this time by default he appears to be the only real option.



October 14, 2017.


Greentea 2 years, 8 months ago

you almost had me convinced that you were serious until that last line. Brave and Glenys are not viable national candidates for similar and also different reasons. 1. piss poor performance as leaders in their respective cabinet posts and the continued decline of their constituencies. i would guess that neither one can offer ten good ideas to transform the Bahamas. 2. Davis will never outrun the taint of corruption. He is a poor public speaker, can't motivate a snail and has a complete inability to sincerely communicate empathy. 3. Hanna has been in public service for a long time and cannot point to a single thing she has spearheaded. if its as you say - her holding onto the incompetent Wilchombe doesnt say much for her judgement. but what has always disappointed me with her and perhaps its just the nature of our poltics has been her willingness to publicly defend the indefensible when it comes to her party. that she and Davis are the only ones vying for party leader guarentees the PLP will remain in the political for at least the next 9.5 years.


Sickened 2 years, 8 months ago

The PLP is an old, dilapidated wooden house. You need to replace ALL of the structural beams. There is no sense leaving 1 or 2 of the old, rotten beams in place.


sheeprunner12 2 years, 8 months ago

Get rid of anyone connected to Pindling ........ for starters


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