Time, Not Money, Is Your Greatest Asset


Considering the obsession many have with money, you may be surprised to learn that money is not your greatest asset. Even so, most people spend a great deal of their time chasing money. Yet, money still remains elusive for most.

The question to ponder today is: If time is in fact your greatest asset, are you sincerely making the most of your time? Do you treat your time with a modicum of respect?

The answer for most is no. Unaware of the value their time, they squander it carelessly. But here’s a crucial point – time and money are almost inseparable. Essentially, money is the result of well-invested time.

The foundation of the working world is based on this time/money formula. People trade in a set amount of their time doing a job for a set amount of money – called a paycheck This means that your time has a price tag, whether you acknowledge it or not. The responsibility is yours to determine what your time is worth and the degree to which you are using it productively.

I’m not speaking about managing time. In truth, nobody can really manage time. Time goes on whether you use it or not. For this reason, you cannot manage time per se. But you can manage your use of time. Choose to use it or choose to lose it.

Time doesn’t care what you do with it. What only reveals what you have done or have been doing with it. Time, as they say, will tell. It tells the world exactly what you have been doing with it; how well you’ve used or misused it.

Those who use their time to overindulge in alcohol use, for example, soon become alcoholics. Individuals who over indulge in over-eating, in time, become overweight. Whereas those who put time into healthy diet and exercise become physically fit. This is also the case with money and resources. Those who are more responsible with their resources of time and money, acquire more resources.

Living an empowered life is not some cake walk. It is a process of unravelling who you are and paying attention to the way you manage your time. I find it ironic that so many people want to manage their money, but don’t pay any attention to the way they waste their time. I suppose people fail to realise that time really is money. You can use your time to make more money – you can use your money to make more out of your time.

There is no place where this constant waste of time is more evident than the use of social media platforms. Many are addicted to their phones or iPads et cetera. The amount of time wasted sending pictures and audio clips up and down the internet highway is truly a crying shame. People are so disrespectful not only of their time but also of yours. They take it upon themselves to send you anything they get their hands on.

This habit of forwarded photos, some of which are totally inappropriate, has become an intrusive daily addiction for many. These self-appointed newscasters spend the bulk of their day wasting time sending, texting, posting and forwarding information. Regrettably, most of what many are quick to circulate has no real use value. In many ways, it amounts to mere noise pollution. This time wasting habit must be managed if you are going to be productive.

Since time is your greatest asset, imagine that every minute of your time costs you $50. How differently would you spend your time? Would you pay more attention to how it is used?

Leader to leader, your time is a gift. Be responsible and respectful not only of your time, but also of other people’s time. Wisely invest your time by being productive. Limit any careless use of social media platforms. Find ways to use these platforms to improve your personal growth. There is no point in chasing money if you don’t respect your time. It has been my experience that money more readily shows up and even stays with you, if your time is valued and respected.

When you place high value on your time, you are better prepared to live and empowered life. Yes, you definitely can do it.

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• Michelle M Miller is a certified life coach, communication and leadership expert. Visit www.talktomichellemiller.com or call 1-888-620-7894; mail can be sent to PO Box CB-13060.


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