Carl Culmer Elected Fnm Chairman

New FNM chairman Carl Culmer with party members.

New FNM chairman Carl Culmer with party members.


Tribune Staff Reporter


CARL Culmer was elected chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM) last night.

He received 104 votes; Howard Grant, his only challenger, received 18 votes.

The Free National Movement’s (FNM) establishment made its preference for Mr Culmer clear in unusually prominent ways, placing banners urging people to “elect Culmer” on its official Facebook and Twitter pages before voting had completed yesterday; the same was not done for Mr Grant.

“Carl Culmer was a key member of the campaign for the last election and as a key member he did his job well,” outgoing FNM chairman Sidney Collie said.

Mr Collie has been appointed Ambassador for the Bahamas to the United States and will also serve as the permanent representative to the Organisation of American States (OAS) and nonresident ambassador to Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

To Mr Grant, the younger of the two candidates, Mr Collie said: “Don’t take this as a bitter pill. Take this as a learning experience.”

Mr Culmer told party officials: “I will give you the very best of me each and every day to protect the integrity of this party and to move us forward united and strong and to the next general election.

“No, I’m not perfect; I won’t always have the answers but with your support and your collaboration I am confident that any barrier we can climb over. This is our party and I call on members to join me as we move forward to the next challenge.”


sheeprunner12 2 years, 1 month ago

Three pieces of advice to Culmer ........ (1) Create a national database of registered FNMs based on application information and current dues provided by each constituency office ......... (2) Conduct ALL constituency branch elections .......... (3) Make it known who are the official delegates who will attend conventions, who are eligible to become MCMs etc. via a functioning and up-to-date FNM website ............. And please actively defend the party against the PLP hordes.


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