All Talk And No Action


Talk, talk, talk, all day, all night has become the number one pastime for many. But despite the popularity of this talk culture, without taking focused action, there's no change. You don't move and you don't improve. Taking deliberate action is the way to live an extraordinary life. Fail to do so and you live ordinary, mediocre even. Creating change and solving problems requires more than just talking about it. Instead, you must be about it.

Mediocrity and the comfort zone becomes the norm for those to only talk a good talk. You see, life is about living. It's about exploration and expansion. This dynamic experience is where you can continue to evolve and grow from the inside out; becoming the confident productive person you were born to be.

I have moved my life across many challenges; I know for sure that while everything is possible, nothing happens until you take action. Essentially, only action that makes things happen. As they say, 'talk is cheap but money buys land'.

In this culture of endless talking you have to muster the wherewithal to get beyond the daily talking points. Because after all is said and done, there is more said than done.

Navigating this paradigm is no walk in the park. You must start with creating a sense of purpose for your life. This purpose or goal must be compelling enough to move you through the thick fog of idle talk. You must scope out only those elevating conversations that moves you to be your best.

Being your best is about being empowered to meet your life challenges with confidence. If the conversations are not doing anything to empower you - why are you listening?

This deep-seated culture of problem-talking with no real problem-solving reflects the true state of affairs. Sadly, no matter how much talking you do, you cannot talk your way out of problems that you behaved your way into.

Why do people talk so much but act so little? Simply put - talk is cheap. Anyone can say anything. It's this so-called notion of expressing oneself through stating one's opinion. The thing with opinions is that everyone has one; some have two and three.

But most of these opinions are often emotive and unsubstantiated. Thus, they don't amount to a hill of beans, just shooting the breeze. This is especially true when those opinions are from those who has done very little to improve their own situations. Scripture says, take the log out of your own eye before pointing at the log in mine.

Getting beyond this talk culture demands a shift from within. Through which you elevate the value of the real estate of your mind. And make the commitment to carefully select who and what will occupy your mind.

I believe that one of the crucial pillars of living an empowered life is to filter what comes into your mind. Successful folks are very discriminate in what they allow into their minds. They thrive on a steady diet of positive, uplifting conversations that moves them towards their dreams and goals.

Idle talk is idle time and idle time is time well wasted. Time is a unique gift. It consistently presents itself for us to make good use of but most squander it.

When you cherish your time, you make better use of it. Adopting the habit of taking action helps you to adjust your sail according to the weather you meet. Action focused people are doers. They are prepared to go the distance.

Talkers are typically loud and boisterous folks. They thrive on negative criticism and often hold strong opinions about what needs to be done. But if you check their own personal track record, it's often overgrown unfinished projects and missed opportunities.

Talking about what you want for your life is all well and good. But if you don't take action to create a real vision and develop a real plan, it's just talk that goes nowhere.

Leader to leader, another year is sailing on. What have you done with the time that's already gone? Make today the day that you manage what you listen to so that you can get beyond this talk culture and take some focused action.

The habit of taking action creates the momentum to live an empowered life. Yes, you definitely can do it.

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• Michelle M Miller is a certified life coach, communication and leadership expert. Visit www.talktomichellemiller.com or call 1-888-620-7894; mail can be sent to PO Box CB-13060.


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