Bahamian Brewery Says, 'Think Pink, Drink Pink'

Every October, the world pauses to honour the women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. As one of the leading causes of death, particularly in Bahamian women, breast cancer continues to wreak havoc on families around the country. In fact, it is estimated that one in every 10 Bahamian women will be diagnosed with the disease. Thanks to increased conversation, people have become even more aware of their bodies and motivated to take better care of themselves.

Local non-profit organisations such as the Cancer Society of the Bahamas have been instrumental in raising awareness about the various forms of cancer and in providing much needed support to cancer sufferers and their families. In addition to emotional family support, the Cancer Society provides room and board for family island patients who travel to New Providence for treatment.

"Since we formed in 1976, our mission has been to serve the public through educational programmes aimed at prevention, early detection, and the treatment of cancer", said Cancer Society Administrator Tammy Sands. "However, that cannot happen without the support of the corporate sponsors who help us financially."

The Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company made the decision this year to lend the strength of its extremely popular Sands Pink Radler brand to the cause, encouraging all Bahamians to 'Think and Drink Pink' during the month of October. All month long, proceeds from the sale of each Sands Pink Radler will be donated to the Cancer Society to help those who need a helping hand. BBB has committed to donate $1 per case equivalent of Sands Pink Radler sold anywhere in the country during this programme.

"We really wanted to do our part to support the fight against breast cancer," said BBB Executive Marketing Manager Wellington Seymour. "It really made sense for us to include the Sands Pink Radler in this collaborative effort. Pink Sands, as many call it, has become one of our strongest brands and very popular throughout The Bahamas. We encourage everyone to Drink Pink this October, knowing when they do, they are giving back to a greater cause."

Grand Bahamas' "Truly Bahamian" brewery opened in 2007 with the launch of its first beer, Sands. The 20-acre brewery is located on the intersection on Queen's Highway and Grand Bahama Way.


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