Private sector 'can't sit still' on energy solutions


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THE private sector has been urged to drive green energy solutions for the Bahamas, a Chamber of Commerce executive arguing: "Sitting still gets us nowhere."

Debbie Deal, head of the Chamber's energy and environment division, told Tribune Business that it was time for "less talk" and more action on finding solutions to the country's energy problems.

"For the last three or fours years, the only thing we have talked about is our problems and government.

"That's not the way to go," she said.

"It doesn't make any sense to continue talking about the problems and talking about government; we have to talk about solutions.

"The government is for policies and regulation, and while it would be nice for the Government to be 100 per cent on board and work with the private sector on all of our issues and needs, that isn't always the case. "The whole purpose of the green initiative was to get the private sector businesses on board knowing that we could reduce our own energy cost by reducing our energy consumption."

Ms Deal, touting the success of the Chamber's annual energy forum last month, reiterated: "Sitting still gets us nowhere. We have to be the drivers. "The energy registry is very important. Any company which produces anything to do with the reduction of energy, we want them to sign up.

"The more people we have sign up, we can show the Government that we are serious, that we have the expertise and we want to discuss policy and regulations," she said.


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