Is This Deal The Best We Can Get?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I AM willing to take Michael Maura’s opinion on the BP&L announcement with Shell.

KW per unit price of 20-22 cents off a Shell produced cost of 10-cents or 100% mark-up but taking into account Shell’s investment costs, etc, BP&L costs to subsidies the islands we simply will not be being screwed as bad but we will be getting screwed.

BP&L has already foreshadowed the costs for the new financing repayment of Government wasn’t it $125m will be at our the customer’s cost.

I suspect the projected-pinioned unit price mentioned by Mike Maura could well be low - I am shooting that we will be paying 26-28 cents or a savings of eight cents plus VAT of course.

The correct people probably will sign this Heads of Agreement, but to only potentially save eight cents on every KW I use I am wondering is that really PM Minnis the best deal?

FP&L, Florida provide electricity at a max of eight-nine cents!



April 13, 2018.


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