Preparing Christians For Marriage To Foster Stronger Unions


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THOSE who are single or engaged may find an upcoming panel discussion to be insightful as it relates to their current season of life.

The Young Adults Ministry of Christ Community Church will be giving singles and those who are about to enter the covenant of marriage enough information so that they can be equipped for any challenges they may face.

To this end, the church is hosting "The Next Step: Marriage", an event open to all those interested. It is expected to be held on tomorrow night at the church located Bellot Road off the Sir Milo Butler Highway. The panel discussion begins at 7.30pm.

According to Shawnell McNeil, the Young Adults Ministry leader, this panel discussion is intended to help "sensitive young adults who need to prepare for marriage in their season of being single and to encourage right decision-making before and after they say 'I do'."

"Preparation should occur in many ways: financially, psychologically, spiritually et cetera," she said.

During the event there will be discussions on some hot button topics such as: "Cloud 9 Expectations", "Merging Lanes: Leadership in Marriage", "Brukadumbam: Financial Potholes to Avoid", "Castles in the Sand: How Finances Affect a Marriage", "Heat in the Sheets: How Sex Before Marriage Affects a Union, "Communication and Intimacy," and more.

The purpose of this session is also to answer unaddressed matters in preparation for marriage and the selection of the right partner.

"Hearts and homes are hurting because of the premarital choices our generation is making. Because of this, our church wants to help this generation make better ones. We wish to promote the wisdom in preparing for marriage "before the engagement ring," said Ms McNeil.

By providing insight to singles, the church believes that they will help create better marriages, one heart at a time.

"The aim is to be a light in darkness. If young adults continue to walk in ambiguity about what marriage is and requires, then we will be blinded to the beauty God intends for marriage to be. They will also be blind as to how to truly prepare for it," said the young adult leader.

"We are here to open the eyes of Millennials and light the path toward a successful future. Through an informed discussion, our ministry aims to equip this generation to begin marriages that will move forward, upward, onward, together."

Sadly, not enough couples are seeking help before entering the life-long commitment of marriage, she said. In fact, they end up going into marriage with certain expectations that are far from the reality of what marriage actually is.

"Preparation for marriage does not start at the marriage counselling phase. In fact, preparation for marriage should begin as early as possible, before even seeking a mate," she said.

"Marriage is a union of imperfect people held together by covenant commitment. Building the foundation for successful marriages begins with the decisions and character that each person brings to the table. This must be shaped, most certainly before engagement."

For more information about the event, call 397-4272 or e-mail at smcneil@cbcbahamas.com


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