Bpl Saga Concerns

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE ongoing saga of BP&L raises some primary issues - a Board is appointed by Government - a Board if asked to ‘resign’ is required to resign no questions asked and no exemptions. So why hasn’t the whole Board resigned?

PM Minnis said walking from The Senate yesterday that the Governor General would be appointing the new Board…how can you if two members of the current Board have not complied with the wish of the Minister responsible?

A Chair of any Board is ultimately responsible for the failures and successes - Ms Osborne cannot take only the alleged successes she failed as the Chair in implementing Government policy. Please she must not be reappointed - if she is then. it is my opinion that there should be a judicial inquiry.

The union spokesperson Paul Maynard - incredible as I am sure he has read the numerous letters to the newspapers and has seen the serious allegations against the process of the now infamous RFP for the Aggreko generators - does therefore Mr Maynard support the process? One must ask has he made himself aware of the said serious allegations of non-compliance of the process and the primary issue between URCA and BP&L which apparently is a breach of the Electricity Act, 2015?



August 17, 2018.


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