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EDITOR, The Tribune.

CHARITIES and raising - a recent police alert concerning the social media raises an important issue - to be a charity surely you have to be registered with the Ministry of Finance? Probably a “not for profit” corporation.

I seriously have my doubts that anyone with $14,000 would donate online that amount to a charity especially when you could put in the hands of the patron or a cheque?

Charities and such fundraising is required by law to be registered and to report but do all charities comply with the law?

Can the Ministry of Finance publish a list of officially registered Charities?

The public who these parties are playing on need to know - those which have not complied strike them off immediately and advertise the public and list on the Finance website.

If I was able to donate $14,000 to any charity, especially legitimate, I certainly would not go to a social media site and donate online not today - the safest way would be to contact the patron and hand deliver the donation. I question this report.



August 24, 2018.


UserOne 6 months, 3 weeks ago

You are right that charities need to register and to publish financial reports. Some comply and are easily found online. Others are registered but do not file reports even though they receive donations. This leaves it wide open for abuse and fraud.


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