When You Look Away...

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WHEN the public does not watch things happen…been watching and report.

1) Right under Ft Charlotte-Clifford Park west of Cricket Club a container has been converted to what seems to be a tourist attraction centre for those two-wheel scooters. Why was a permit given? It is bad enough with the billboard ads. Of The Cricket Club…now this? Does no one respect our heritage?

2) Goodman’s Bay…letter writer recently wrote questioning a snack stand had appeared by the parking area to the east of Goodman’s.

Seems no one at Parks reads The Tribune - stand still there. Time to be gone, sir. That is how Fish Fry started, one-one then hundreds!

3) Goodman’s, okay, a little east opposite OPM thought that project of Paul Wynn was an hotel? Big billboard/banner clearly it is condos?

4) Seems the scenic view of West Bay is under threat - the casuarinas by Sandy Port bridge block the view over the bay at Delaporte…on the side of Sandy Port also. Time for pruning someone.

5) Actual Cable Beach west of Baha Mar…casuarinas being cut down…don’t mind that but why is this taking so long?

Someone get fired up - get the lifting equipment and get the job done. Now let’s see flowering trees and bushes planted plus bougainvillea, different colours.

6) The landscaping Cos employees along West Bay infant of Baha Mar - who gave the right to block half of the road when they are working?

Gripes, Editor, hoping someone at Parks reads The Tribune….



August 21, 2018.


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