Why Vat Exemption Is Not Such A Big Deal

EDITOR, The Tribune.

IT was very evident few MPs have seen a current BP&L bill. All they talked was exempting bills up to 300.00 from VAT on bills under $300. What if BP&L would advise us how many MPs are current with their BP&L Bills - where arrears what is that amount?

Editor I have my last bill -bill date October 30, 2018…BPL tells me my usage was down 9.9% same period over last year but my bill increased as fuel is now 60% of that bill. I am thankful for the VAT exemption, $430.00 a year but I still have to find $6,600.00 to pay BPL or I don’t have light. This is the crux of the BPL problem the fixed costs.

BPL basic Tariffs were set on July 1st, 2010 - eight years ago…I ask are the same administrative costs the same then as now remembering BPL pre-retired so many recently at a cost of $70m? This is where the BPL bills hurt…the massive overtime, remember Leslie Miller saying that cashiers were taking home $’000’s in overtime and others the same? Has that changed and if not why not?

The statement that the OPM building - certain schools - the Airport will be solarised saves only the government but puts BPL in a deeper hole as none of those buildings we have a BPL bill - so the gross Revenue of BPL will proportionately decrease putting BPL in a deeper financial hotel Brilliance at best.

The Aggrekko generator deal - can BPL say if calculations made are wrong that probably BPL are making some $13.5 million profit through this arrangement? Their income exceeds $270 million Editor.

Minister Bannister did not mention how much Government as a whole owes BPL - probably $30-40 million but they don’t get cut off!

BPL for Nassau has to climate the purchase of fuel period - BPL has to cut unnecessary overtime - has to persuade BPL Unions that the Pension and Health Insurance has to be contributory, I would concede the BPL workers on the front line of generation and distribution when it comes to Health Insurance their share of the premium would be lower - their job description puts them as a higher risk that is only fair.

80MW Standby generator RFP - whoever examined the process has not or is not a reader of the Tribune nor seriously is anyone in government. Numerous writers have spelt out what went down.

If the RFP was awarded to Shell how is it Aggrekko still provide standby generators to BPL? When was there a further RFP for additional 10-12 generators which BPL have at Clifton - this happened recently?

URCA - ignorance they say is bliss - Parliament passed an amendment in 2018 which delayed URCA’s preview on BPL which does not expire for 36-months. URCA can’t touch BPL. Useless calling them Brave Davis.

A pensioner has a hard time Editor finding $6,600.00 a year…a single mother with three children and all her expenses likewise…This VAT Exemption is not such a big deal as MPs emotionally tried to make it.



November 29, 2018.


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