Immigration Law Must Be Changed

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I just finished reading a letter to the Editor dated January 31st by JC attorney.

I am in total agreement with all that he said. Why on earth do we allow those immigrants born here to have an automatic right to apply for citizenship?

There should be guidelines and rules in order for one to apply. All of the criteria he highlighted in his article are excellent!

As a Bahamian, I am so tired of foreigners acting like they are entitled to this country. They are not! There should be rules and a process. Nothing should be automatic.

This is The Bahamas yet some people of foreign background in high positions try to do things to cater to foreign persons. Why does BTC have creole and English on its menu? This is an English speaking country.

Why do foreign activists and lawyers who support Haitians try to make The Bahamas another Haiti?

Why don't the Haitian activists like the one who used to have a talk show, work on getting Haitians like himself who have means to go to Haiti and form a committee that is geared toward rebuilding and restoring Haiti?

Why don't all persons who sympathise with the plight of Haitians get donations and pledges of support from around the world to help them rebuild Haiti?

Why come to our country and try to own it and then get angry when you have to go home because you are illegal?

If I go to America illegally, I will be deported. We live in a world now where people call wrong right and right wrong.

I voted FNM. I am watching closely to see if they will have the guts to amend the law like JC attorney said because quite frankly, like so many other Bahamians I am tired!

The time for change in this immigration situation is now!

I do not hate foreigners but I do not want any here who do not belong here and who have come to do any kind of harm to my beloved Bahamas.

So many foreigners be they Jamaican, Haitian or Guyanese do not appreciate and respect our land and what they have been blessed with by being here.

There are some that do but many are here and talk badly about The Bahamas and its people.

If you are here legally and sincerely want to build our country and respect our way of life then you are welcomed. If not, please move on. This is not the place for you.



February 5, 2018.


CoolHead 2 years, 1 month ago

People who are xenophobe and racist, always insist that they aren't...Activists arent supporting haitians but human rights and dignity,. Surely you are the descendant of the native of this land, your great grand parents didnt come from somewhere else.. you are too xenophobic to understand no illegals are mad or refused to go back home but those who are born here and didnt know no other country shouldnt be deported to a land they had never been to. #talkingcrap


My2centz 2 years, 1 month ago

Don't make villains of people who want to ensure the Bahamas is secured for future generations of Bahamians. This includes persons of mixed national heritage as it always has. I find claims of xenophobia to be disingenuous and convenient excuse by people who could care less. The Bahamas is and should not be an extension of Haiti as the growing populace of Haitians are turning it into.


joeblow 2 years, 1 month ago

So... using your logic, if a child has become used to a certain standard of living due to their parents involvement in illegal activities and the authorities find out, the proceeds of crime should not be confiscated because of the drastic mental and material changes it would cause in that child's quality of life? Nonsense. There are consequences to breaking the law. People have been too lazy or afraid to do so in matters of immigration


screwedbahamian 2 years, 1 month ago

Since we seem to have a major problem will Illegal Immigrants coming to the Bahamas and giving birth to babies who are then of the opinion that they have Bahamian Citizenship, perhaps the government should implement the following: establish a separate MATERNITY WARD AWAY FROM THE HOSPITAL WITH THE DESIGNATION " INTERNATIONAL TERRITORY" WHERE ANY EXPECTING MOTHER WHO CANNOT PRESENT PROOF OF BAHAMIAN CITIZENSHIP WILL BE DIRECTED TO GO TO GIVE BIRTH, THE BABY WILL THEN BE GIVEN THE NATIONALITY OF THE MOTHER. The government should appeal to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND FORTHEM SUPPLYING PROFESSIONAL DOCTORS AND NURSES TO OPERATE THE FACILITY.


DDK 2 years, 1 month ago

You have every right to be a Concerned Bahamian. Good letter. As with JC Attorney's letter, all of your points are valid.


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