Shot Dead Outside His Own Home


Deputy Chief Reporter


A MAN died in hospital after he was found outside a home with gunshot wounds Wednesday night.

The shooting happened at Munnings Drive in South West Ridge and marks the 11th murder for the year, according to The Tribune’s records.

According to police, shortly after 10pm, officers received a report of gunshots in the area. When officers responded to the scene, they discovered a man lying in front of a residence with injuries to the body.

Paramedics transported the man to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

Police have not released the victim’s identity, however persons on social media have identified him as Keno Strachan, a hotel employee. 

This comes after 45-year-old Okel Soloman, of Laird Street, was killed Saturday, February 3 after a would-be carjacker opened fire on him.

According to police, shortly after 11pm on Saturday, a man went into the Southern Police Station suffering from a gunshot wound to his body.

He said he was in his vehicle at the junction of East Street and Brougham Street when he was approached by two men with firearms who demanded he give them his car.

Mr Soloman said after he declined and was driving off, one of the men fired a shot at him. Paramedics assisted him to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

On January 25, 19-year-old Breanna Mackey was stabbed to death the day after celebrating her birthday.

Mackey, of Palm Beach Street, was walking on Key West Street when a silver coloured Honda stopped next to her and some women got out of the vehicle, according to initial police reports.

Mackey was stabbed about the body before her assailants left the scene. She died in hospital.

A day earlier, a man identified by police as Chamico Pheron Mackey, 35, was fatally shot while on the porch of his own home in the Plantol Street area.

Police are appealing for information on the latest homicide or any crime; anyone with information is asked to call 919, 502-9991 or the Crime Stoppers hotline at 328-TIPS.


John 2 years, 1 month ago

Hopefully the police will follow all leads and leave no stone unturned in finding the killers in these latest murders. Drivers must realize now that road rage is not always simple road rage anymore. Persons try to engage you in a confrontation and once you stop your vehicle their intention is to rob or injure you. Or they will follow you to your destination to do harm.


TalRussell 2 years, 1 month ago

Ma Comrades PM Minnis and Security Minister Marvin, how many more murderous death sounding funeral drum beats to the graveyards will sound before your governing mandate expires 2022? How far will the Imperial Red Cabinet looks away whilst pushing up the 5-year murder count?


John 2 years, 1 month ago

Tal, if you check the statistics, in English, you will see the murder rate is not only down, but continuing to decline. in fact the period from October to present, probably recorded the least number of murders over a four month period than any other corresponding time in five years. while the police is doing good job, it was only after they became too trigger happy and overly aggressive that there was a spike in murders. In fact police shootings during that same four month period, October to now was probably the highest in history. Rogue policing and police harassment of the general public, does more harm than what benefits it has. Police stops must be conducted under the assumption that everyone is innocent until they are found to be otherwise. Police cannot rough up an intimidate drivers in the middle of the street and expect them to be cordial. And police must use judgement and common sense. Case in point: The strip of road coming from the Redemption Center is very busy in the morning rush. And from the road was constructed more than 10 years ago motorist would come around turning lane to join the lane that is going cross Blue Hill Road. There is sufficient space there and it does not interfere with traffic flowing in the opposite direction. Well two traffic cops decided to post up there give tickets to the motorists who crossed into the second lane before time. It was not long before traffic travelling in that direction backed up all the way to the light by the Clarence Bain Building. Then prevented traffic from flowing on the adjoining streets. All these cops had to do before giving tickets is sit there and watch the traffic flow and see that it is impossible for traffic to flow smoothly that time of the day if cars don't cross over to the second lane. And the only reason the lane is not extended is because of the lanes turning into NIB. And that is why the lines are broken an not painted solid. To allow motorists to cross over when there is traffic overflow.


DEDDIE 2 years, 1 month ago

These days you have to be wise. The young men today are petty. If a young man walk on my foot I apologize profusely.


joeblow 2 years, 1 month ago

so you say.. "sorry my foot was in your way!"

That's funny!


John 2 years, 1 month ago

Part of the crime fighting strategy must be to change the diet and drug culture of the young people living in New Providence especially. Even the Greeks and Romans realized that too much meat sent a person mad and the drugs makes them intolerant and violent when mixed with alcohol. Get the country back to a plant based diet and away from all the processed and fast foods. The only vegetable some people ever eat is 'ketchup'


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