How Sweet Are You? Diabetic Research Institute Hosts Valentine's Day Screening


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This Valentine's Day, under the theme "How Sweet Are You", members of the Diabetic Research Institute will host an all-day free screening for locals.

The Diabetic Research Institute is a nonprofit organisation that has been in operation for the past 15 years, offering diabetic screenings, counselling, and evidence-based education on type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

Continuing its mission tomorrow from the hours of 12 noon to 7pm at the Diabetic Research Institute on Montrose Avenue, screenings to determine blood sugar levels will be offered for free. Highlights throughout the day will also include two speaking sessions to cover topics such as "Cheating the Sweets: Sugar Alternatives" by resident physician Dr Chrispin Gomez, and "Love Your Spouse: In Sickness and In Health" by resident clinical psychologist Dr Richard Adderley.

"We know that February is referred to as sweet month, and unfortunately many Bahamians are unaware of status of their sugar levels. We decided to dedicate this day of love to providing the opportunity for everyone to be screened for diabetes for free. Also, with the theme of 'How Sweet Are You?' we found it to be a pretty exciting and inviting way of asking 'What are your sugar levels'," said Deryl King of the Diabetic Research Institute.

She said the goal is to also encourage those that have family members suffering from diabetes to come on out and support their loved ones, as the sessions promise to be both entertaining and informative.

"This event is extended to all as we are raising diabetes awareness and prevention throughout the Bahamas. The team here at DRI are always looking forward to delivering as much evidence-based education to the general public as we can," said Ms King.

"We want as much of the general public to come on out on Wednesday as possible. Diabetes along with hypertension are two popular diseases that affect our Bahamian nation, and this event, along with other similar free opportunities that DRI offers to the public, help to heighten awareness and prevention."


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