From A ‘One-Bedroom Shack’ To Cover Girl Glamour

Bahamian spotlighted by international magazine

Minister Felicia Archer (Photo/Elegant Touch Photography)

Minister Felicia Archer (Photo/Elegant Touch Photography)

The experience of gracing the cover of an international magazine has been nothing short of amazing for Bahamian Felicia Archer.

The young minister of the gospel said never in a million years could she have imagined as a little girl with low self-esteem growing up in a “one bedroom shack” that she would turn into this confident young woman who graces the cover of a magazine.

The magazine in question is the Kingdom Investments in Single Hearts (KISH) magazine, a digital and print publication based in Delaware which has featured influential individuals such as the famous motivational speaker Les Brown and media personality Sarah Jakes Robert, daughter of magachurch pastor T D Jakes. Felicia is the first woman from the Caribbean region to be featured on the cover.

From the age of 12, Felicia has been delivering motivational speeches, and when she was 16 she started preaching the gospel. In 2011, at the age of 18, she became one of the youngest ordained ministers of the gospel in the Bahamas.

Felicia is the founder of Fresh Fire Outreach Ministries International, which seeks to empower and equip young persons spiritually and intellectually in becoming agents of change. She also serves as the youth director for Global United Fellowship Bahamas Province, and as the assistant director for Global United Fellowship Millennials Division. A member of Mount Tabor, she serves as the church’s assistant youth pastor full time.

When the opportunity came about to be featured in KISH’s “Corner Spotlight”, Felicia said it was truly a humbling experience, as the magazine shines a light on women and men who are making an impact in their communities and pursuing their dreams.

The KISH magazine focuses on stories of hope for a number of interests, including foster care, empowerment, health, fashion, relationships, businesses and more. The magazine states that its serves as a resource of information and inspiration for the aspiring entrepreneur and thought leader who is seeking to empower and take their life to a new level of success in the marketplace.

“It was the president of the company who was following my social media pages for about three years and was impressed by the work that I am doing here in the Bahamas and around the world. The KISH feature included me being on the cover of the issue for the month of February, and being named Caribbean Woman of the Year. I am the first Bahamian/Caribbean woman this magazine has featured. It also includes a powerful and inspiring article based on the theme ‘Dream Again’ written by me. I have dedicated the cover of the magazine to every person with a dream as I encourage them to go ahead and make it a reality,” Felicia told Tribune Woman.

And the feedback has been overwhelming, she said, with many people, especially right here in the Bahamas, offering congratulations.

“I have been told that I am an inspiration, not just to the young people, but also to the young at heart. I have been told that because of the way I live my life, they are encouraged to live their dreams. I have also been told that the cover is a beautiful one. I have learned through this experience the importance of living life with purpose, as it has also helped to expose my ministry to the world by providing more platforms to inspire and empower individuals to fulfil their dreams,” she said.

Going forward, Felicia hopes to officially launch a foundation that will be named in honour of an eight-year-old girl who lost her battle with cancer, as well as the girl’s mother whom she said has conquered cancer five times though the grace of God.

“The name of the foundation is the Tiffany Treazure Hope Foundation. This foundation will cater to the less fortunate in our community by providing them with grocery bags, hot meals and counselling. Our aim is also to put a smile on the face of a child before and after chemotherapy as we will provide them with chemo care kits and the spiritual and moral support needed for the journey. The foundation is set to launch on Friday, March 30, 2018,” she said.


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