Franchise Group's $3.1m Expansion Adds 90 Jobs


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A prominent Bahamian franchise group has invested $3.1 million in opening its latest Marco's Pizza and Popeyes restaurants on Robinson Road, a move that has created 90 jobs.

Aetos Holdings, which is owned by the Tsavoussis brothers, Chris and Terry, has taken its number of Marco's Pizza and Popeyes outlets to six and three, respectively, with the latest openings. The group also operates the Wendy's franchise.

"There are 50 employees at Popeyes. Marco's is our sixth one in the Bahamas, and that employs 40 people, so that's 90 jobs between those two restaurants," said Terry Tsavoussis.

"With Popeyes it's a kitchen-only concept; no dining room. It has a walk-up window and a Y-lane drive-through similar to the Wendy's on Carmichael Road. We have got the exact same thing at Marco's, which is quite unique. There is no Marco's Pizza restaurant like that in the world. It's just a walk-up window and there is the delivery option. It can accommodate walk-ups and carry-outs, as well as delivery within a three-mile radius of that location."

Terry Tsavoussis said the total investment involved in purchasing the property, and subsequent build-out of the two restaurants, was $3.1 million.

"We have been open over a week at Marco's, and it's holding similar numbers to our other locations. We are very pleased about that. Popeyes is doing the exact same thing. With Popeyes, it's usually about 40 per cent dine-in and 60 per cent drive-through. With the new Popeyes location it's about 40 per cent walk-up window and 60 per cent drive-through," said Terry Tsavoussis.

He added: "Carmichael is our busiest restaurant, but Prince Charles and Robinson Road are pretty much on par. We're just coming out of the first week and we don't know how it will play out, but Robinson Road could surpass the other restaurants.

"Robinson Road is a very densely-populated area. We are very pleased with the initial results, but it could surpass what we are doing with any of our other locations."

Fast food franchises continue to be a growth area for the Bahamian economy, despite the recent Carl's Jr closure. Bahamian entrepreneur, John Wilson, recently unveiled plans to bring the Papa John's pizza franchise back to this nation, creating 100 jobs in the process.


TalRussell 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Comrades! We need elect a government to do way cluttering up we tourism scenery through the licensing all foreigner fast food franchises... and web shops.... and all open would have cease they's business operations to close within six-months after a new government's mandate.


DonAnthony 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Great, just what we need .... more fast food restaurants so our obese population can become more morbidly obese and become an even greater burden on our public health system. It is high time that a significant tax be levied on all fast food in this country. Why should these owners reap profits while creating social ills and expense for tax payers? Increase vat on fast food to 15% and use the revenue to subsidize Healthcare or to reduce the cost of healthy foods like vegetables that are too expensive for the poor.


BahamasForBahamians 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Its the way the free world works buddy.

Alcohol kills millions. Do we close down liquor shops because people abuse it ? Hell NO


DonAnthony 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Who said they should be closed down? Alcohol is heavily taxed in this country, that is why a case of beer though locally produced costs $40 plus. The same should be done to fast food, tax it heavily to pay for the social ills it costs.


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