Women Must Have A Standard

EDITOR, The Tribune.

AS a woman, I am disappointed by the thinking of many women these days. Watching the news last night I heard Father Palacious’ comment about women being addressed according to how they are dressed and I agree with him wholeheartedly.

Women must have a standard for themselves and their bodies. Anything that is high in value is treated as such.

Priceless paintings, jewellery, antiques and even cars are treated with great care. Those who own them go to great lengths to care for them in a special way. They even buy special products to care for them and in many cases they are insured.

How much more should we as women value ourselves and show respect for ourselves by the way we dress?

We should not fool ourselves into thinking that having morals and self respect is a thing of the past or is old fashioned. We must be careful of thinking that we are wise when we are actually becoming fools in every sense of the word.

No one deserves to be assaulted. However, women would be naïve to think that the way they dress has no effect on the way they are perceived or treated by the opposite sex.

Can we say then that a woman can go to an interview dressed inappropriately and be offended because she does not get the job? Get real Bahamas!

Just as there are standards and guidelines for dress on the job or in the business world, there are standards in general and in everyday life.

Why are their standards of dress for both men and women on the job? The way you dress says a lot about you in every arena of life. Do not use entertainers and celebrities as your guide. They can afford to pay bodyguards to protect them from the men who would treat them indecently if they had the chance.

Women find your self esteem and your self worth. Dare to be different and have a standard.



December 29, 2017.


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

Wise Woman ......... Bahamian women are following the men's lead ........ They pick up and display the cultural dregs from the Yardies, Highshuns and Black Americans ... smt


joeblow 1 year ago

I suspect the cheap weave, cleavage showing, tight clothes wearing females of low repute who want to be treated respectably probably won't agree with this assessment.


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