Tributes To Dr Cecil Bethel

THE Public Hospitals Authority has extended sympathy to the family and friends of Dr Cecil Bethel who died this week.

In a statement, the PHA said the veteran physician was a “fierce advocate for healthcare development and delivery”.

The PHA added: “Dr Bethel’s legacy in the field of medicine will long remain among those who pioneer a spirit of excellence in the delivery and practice of medicine in our country. His 30 years in the government service found him providing care at the Princess Margaret Hospital as senior registrar in medicine, consultant physician, department head, and as the first medical chief of staff in 1968 - a position he held for four years.

“Dr Bethel served as a member of the board of the Public Hospitals Authority from 1999 to 2001, where his commitment to quality care helped to guide its policies. The authority honours Dr Cecil Bethel for his tremendous professional achievements and his significant contributions to improving the practice of medicine in the Bahamas. His will be a legacy undaunted by time.”

Dr Bethel died at Doctors Hospital on Monday.


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