Rbdf Investigating Threats Made On Social Media After Arrests


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force has addressed threats made on its social media page allegedly by foreign nationals after 46 Dominican poachers were charged in Bahamian courts.

In a press release issued on Saturday, the RBDF assured the public that is it investigating these threats and are committed to safeguarding the nation.

On July 8, 46 people on board a 70ft Dominican fishing vessel were apprehended by the RBDF for poaching.

They were found with approximately 33,000 pounds of fishery products.

On July 9 and July 12, the RBDF Facebook page shared the news of the arrests and the migrants' subsequent court appearance. A number of foreign nationals, allegedly Dominican, commented under the post in Spanish.

Loosely translated, the comments ranged from threats of death to pleas on behalf of the poachers, saying that people are "desperate" for sustenance to feed families.

"The Royal Bahamas Defence Force reassures the general public and the local fishing community of its commitment to maintaining a strong presence within our maritime domain to safeguard the people of The Bahamas against recent threats of harm," the RBDF said in response to the threats.

"The Defence Force is collaborating with the Royal Bahamas Police Force in response to any threats received so that appropriate action can be taken by the Ministries of National Security and Foreign Affairs. The Defence Force remains undeterred, and is all the more committed to securing our borders."

The press release also requested that the public not attempt to retaliate.

"Bahamians, in general, and members of the local fishing community, in particular, are therefore reminded not to take matters into their own hands, but to allow the Defence Force, in collaboration with local law enforcement and regional partners, to bring those who violate our laws to justice."


Alex_Charles 2 years, 2 months ago

desperate to feed their families? Is that why they treat their Haitian neighbors with such contempt when Haitians try to do the same? To hell with the DR. If they are trying to feed their families then do so in their own damn waters and stay TF out of ours.

Wish our Defense Force boats actually had proper naval guns instead of the Water guns the Christie administration switched them to. We can't take threats of death by these animals lightly.


CaptainCoon 2 years, 2 months ago

^Another example of bad decisions made with PLP governance. We really can't take these threats lightly, we have to defend our boarders and our people. Perhaps some rearming of the defense force is in order?


bogart 2 years, 2 months ago

The authorities telling the Bahamians not to take matters into their own hands is most peculiar...given the continuous .illegal violation of our sovereogn Bahama sovereogn territory....Bahamians done die get shoot up protectin our .waters.....Bahamians done gets taken prisoners and taken outta country while protectin our water....Bahamian govt defence boat dome gets rammed ny illegal booat in we waters......humdreds of illegal boats bringing illegsl human souls human trafficking in our waters....illegals even dump dere boat on the base ........what the hell next.????........the authorities should know it aint da Bahamian people who yinna should slap down....slap da illegal invaders who breakin in our territory...!!!! ....Radical change is necessary an put da Bahamian women in charge of da Defence of da nation..defences....!!!!!!


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