Four men electrocuted in industrial accident


Tribune Staff Reporter


FOUR men were electrocuted in an industrial accident in Eleuthera on Monday, leaving one in hospital.

Police are investigating the incident, which occurred shortly after 11am in Governor's Harbour.

According to a Royal Bahamas Police Force crime report, the four men "were removing palm trees from a container" at a business on Banks Road when the incident happened.

One of the trees came in contact with a high voltage electrical line, resulting in all of the men being electrocuted.

The victims were subsequently taken to the local clinic.

Three of them were treated and discharged, while the fourth was flown to New Providence for further medical attention.

He is listed in stable condition.

Last Wednesday, a man was killed after being struck by lightning in New Providence.

The incident occurred in the afternoon at Goodman's Bay.

According to police press liaison officer, Superintendent Shanta Knowles, the man was setting up Goodman's Bay for an event.

"The gentleman was staging the beach for a function, or setting up chairs, during that inclement weather, and…was struck by lightning and died on scene," Supt Knowles said last week.


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