THE New Providence Oldtimers Softball Association is set to hold its All-Star Classic in the Archdeacon Canon William Thompson Softball Park at the Southern Recreation Grounds on Saturday.

Two games will be played - at noon and 2pm - before the league continues its regular season action on Sunday.

• Here’s a look at the players selected to participate in the All-Star Classic:

Noon Game

Bersell Bradshaw

Carlo Rossi Stallions - Keno Fergudon, Dwayne Dean and Stephen Beneby.

BTC Vibes - Herbert Ferguson, Marvin Lloyd and Kevin Davies.

Corner Boys - Culbert Evans, Jason Sweeting and Brian Anderson.

Blue Postal Sharks - Johnny Evans, Nelson Farrington, Dennis Davis and Stephen Beneby.

KC Construction - Kelson Armbrister.

Masqueraders - Prince Huyler and Lopez Huyler.

Q Club Divers - Ron Demeritte and Pat Lockhart.

Pitchers - Philip Humes (Masqueraders), Johnny Armbrister (BTC Vines) and Lester Stuart (Q Club Divers).

Coaches - Robert Cox (Q Club Divers), Martin Burrows (Carlo Rossi Stallions) and Lester Stuart (Q Club Divers).

George Ferguson Team

Yelrom Home Boys - Ivan Francis, Ancel Pratt, Hosea Hilton, Cardinal Gilbert and Hermis Sands.

Aliv Truckers - Herbert Arnett, Howard Hanna, Simeon Dean and Winston Seymour.

DKS Crusaders - Andy Ford and Kirk Johnson.

Dozer Pros - Andy Percentie, Charles Rolle and Godfrey Willie.

SWD Boys - Marvin Wood, Lamar Watkins and Orlando McPhee.

Pitchers - Vernon Clarke (SWD Boys); Kermit ‘Shaft’ Mackey (Aliv Truckers) and Alfred ‘Skater’ Munnings.

Coaches - Sammy (Aliv Truckers); Sonny Haven (DKS Crusaders) and Alfred Munnings (Dozer Pros).

2pm Game

Bersell Bradshaw Team

Carlo Rossi Stallions - Ricardo Major and Juan Pratt.

BTC Vibes - Lorenzo Carter, McNeil Albury and Frank Deveaux.

Corner Boys - John Lockhart, Dumont Charlow and Damien Robinson.

Blue Postal Sharks - Julian Taylor, Kevin Lockhart, Stephen Sands and Robin Shephard.

KC Construction - Sherman Ferguson and Diego Saunders.

Masqueraders - William Delancey.

Q Club Divers - Dwight Butler, Kervin Culmer and Stephen Bellot.

Pitchers - Keino Stuart (Blue Postal Sharks); Frank Martin (Blue Postal Sharks) and Gilbert Simmons (Corner Boys).

Coaches - Edward Russell (Blue Postal Sharks); Peter Rahming (Corner Boys) and Ken ‘Blackus’ Wood (BTC Vibes).

George Ferguson Team

Yelrom Home Boys - Randy Anderson, Lyndon Richardson and Stephen Morley.

Aliv Truckers - Keith Butler and David Gardiner.

Lone Rebels - Raymond Rolle, Henry Cooper, Troy Bodie and Warfield Bain.

DKS Crusaders - Stephen Brown, Mario Ford and Derek Christie.

Dozer Pros - Greg Smith, Mike Smith and Nathaniel Porter.

SWD Boys - Terran Wood, Richard Bastian and Lynden Gaitor.

Pitchers - Val Munroe (Lone Rebels); Sidney Thomas (Yelrom Home Boys) and Alvin ‘Smokey’ Lightbourne (SWD Boys).

Coaches - David Brown (Yelrom Home Boys; Lloyd Davis (SWD Boys) and Jeff Willie (Dozer Pros).


1pm - BTC Vibes vs Masqueraders

3pm - Q Club Divers vs Lone Rebels

5pm - DKS Crusaders vs SWD Boys


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