Come Clean On Oban Energies

EDITOR, The Tribune.

OBAN - I am sure many will agree it is more than high time that the Prime Minister came clean on the whole history of the application by Oban to develop a refinery and oil storage facility.

So in 1995-96 these people applied to the Ingraham government — Ingraham was unsatisfied of their qualifications and capacities.

So again Oban returned under Christie and again the Government was unsatisfied as to their capacities, but in December, 2016, it is said, by Minnis, the project was approved but the million dollar question - approved with certain specific conditions to be cleared up such as financial capabilities - sector qualification. This we must know and PM Minnis has to Table these documents.

If he refuses, then certainly we still have both Sir Baltron Bethell who can bring total clarity to the issue I am sure or the then Minister of State responsible for Investment Hon Khaalis Rolle.

The quote from State Minister Kwasi Thompson of Freeport yesterday was sort of incredible — was he saying — look have pity of Grand Bahama we went through hell and so we will consider any project to alleviate the hurt even if the investors are not too qualified and have an unclean background… that is what I understood. The FNM promised transparency…We need it now, not tomorrow or next month.



February 23, 2018.


Greentea 9 months, 2 weeks ago

If Kwesi Thompson said what you cite above, then he needs to be removed forthwith. I am so sick of dumbazz so called leadership in this country. Pathetic isnt a strong enough word for these jokers! Thompson is a disgrace. Everyone wants the power but too few have any clue about governance. Surprise surprise! It ain't easy!! Our leaders lack VISION, HONOUR, MORAL FORTITUDE, IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY and most of all COURAGE and KNOWLEDGE! Good God I feel as if we are cursed. Minnis wanted the appearance of doing something without doing anything and this is what you get. He can't even string a sentence together without reading; running from Bahamian Farmers; not answering questions as if he isn't accountable to anyone (Minnis you aren't fooling many with your gruffness. It is a terrible disguise for incompetence); it is clear he doesn't have a clue. Mr. Bethel should do us a national service and tell the history of this so called deal. Our black middle-class (Doctors and lawyers) and a few ambitious Bahamian whites (wealthy or wannabe) have led this country for almost fifty years and the fact that after all these years of strong economic life- this is where we find ourselves is dam pathetic. Not a new economic engine has been introduced since Sir Stafford Sands - Yes PLP, FNM and everybody else- What does that say about our leadership? What does that say about us?


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