A Well-Deserved Honour For Moss

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I AM extremely happy that Rev Dr C B Moss was recently awarded the 2017 Golden Heart Award by the Sir Victor Sassoon Heart Foundation. For over 50 years Rev Moss worked tirelessly with many Organisations to improve the well-being and quality of life for all of our people, particularly the less fortunate.

His loyalty, commitment and dedication to whatever he undertakes has established him as a rock in a weary land, and a shelter in the time of storm. I put it forward that the length and scope of his service to community an national development is not easily matched today.

That, however, is why I and many others are astounded that over these many years the Government of The Bahamas has never seen fit to recognise the contributions of this great Bahamian with a State Honour, which obviously seems not to trouble him.

Nevertheless the Bahamian people know what we have in Rev Dr C B Moss, and we thank the Sassoon Heart Foundation for recognising it also. We say to God be the glory.



February 28, 2018.


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