Battling Crime

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I AM concerned and aware of the challenges you face with the free run of criminality in this country. To minimise the excess ‘law breakers’ on the road I notice the new licence plates are not easily seen because the colour and the number on the plates are both dark. The decal window sticker should be exchanged to a different colour every year making it easy for officers to identify expire dates. The colour however appears to remain the same, making it difficult to identify from a distance.

There seems to be a shortage of traffic police so that many offences are frequently committed. The fear of breaking traffic laws seem non-existent, unlike in the past, where you didn’t know where a police officer would come from. It appears like more traffic police are needed to be on the road than in offices, as was in the past. Motor cyclists in particular are needed. There is a shortage of vehicles perhaps our Prime Minister may remember his pledge to supply vehicles. Law enforcement officers themselves should also set example by keeping the law.

This war will come under greater control through continued vigilance and cooperation with everyone.

The Bahamas will become a “powerful nation” as we have much to offer. We therefore would have to increase all areas of law enforcement and security as people will continue to come in large numbers. Preparation should take place now!



February, 2018.


joeblow 9 months, 2 weeks ago

If increasing police presence has to act as a deterrent to lawbreaking then we confirm that our people inherently have no respect for the law. This is a child rearing issue and simply reflects the lack of proper sensible parenting and role modeling.

Large numbers of single parent homes is the single greatest threat to a peaceful prosperous society.


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