How Many Votes?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Guardian headline today says “Pastors to Vote on Marital Rape Issue”. As is commonly seen on Social Media these days, I nearly BOL (Bust out Laughing). It brought back to memory, a number of years ago, when my church engaged a Pastor from Missouri.

Not long after he arrived and was settling in, he thought it would be good for him to join our Christian Council, which he did.

Not long after, he told the story, that a matter being discussed was put to a vote by secret ballot. The votes were cast, and counted “openly”, and whatever the issue was it was thereupon decided.

But being the curious type, he looked around the room and counted those attending (and voting) at the meeting and was shocked to discover that “somehow” more votes had been counted than there were people voting. He was shocked!

Fingers crossed !



February 27, 2018.


Sickened 9 months, 1 week ago

Lol! And the Christian Council too? Double LOL!!!


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