Local Deaconess Calls On Women To Pray For The Nation


Deaconess Elaine Hinsey.


Deaconess Elaine Hinsey is making a clarion call for the women of the Bahamas to come together in prayer for the nation and “stand in the gap” together to bring peace and prosperity to the country.

Her vision is “Women in White”, an event at which women of all races and denominations come together for the common goal of passionate prayer to God to lead the hearts and minds of the people to cease the violence.

In 2010, she held the first “Women in White” national prayer event; a second successful one came the year after. Since that time she has faced personal trials, including a deathbed experience that she travailed with faith and eventually overcame. She feels confident that this call for prayer for the nation is a part of her life’s purpose.

“God said to me, ‘I want you to pray for the government in this time and pray for the nation because I want them to know that their lives would be saved if you were to pay for them; I will spare them. Right now I am angry with the Bahamas. Tell the Bahamian women they will meet me when they come on Clifford Park’,” she said.

“We don’t want to see any more of our kids dying to gun and gang violence. We want to see the young people’s lives spared and we are going to gather on Clifford Park and we will make sure the the Lord is not disappointed in us... let the revival begin,”she said.

“Women in White” has received the support of the Bahamas Christian Council in this endeavour. Pastor Alfred Stewart, head of the BCC’s “Operation Restoration and Repentance” says the council is in full support.

He said: “It is our hope and belief that God will move in a mighty and special way. It’s time for a spirit of unity among believers in Christ. We see it happening in Grand Bahama and we need to bring that to the capital.”

Deaconess Hinsey believes that if the women of the Bahamas come together in a time of fervent prayer, there will be a change: “The Lord said it is going to take the obedience of the women for the turnaround; I will deliver to the nation if they hearken to my voice.”

Elder Vernita Josey said: “We are tired of seeing our children dying by the hands of someone with a gun or a knife. God said pray and he would show us great and mighty things which we know not of. Watch God turn this nation around.”

“We have come to a place of moral decay and we need to restore the principles of God in our lives,” added Sister Marisa Mason Smith.

“We must pray for our leaders and those in authority for them to be led to make the right decisions that will bless our nation and bless our people.”

Sister Hellen Ferguson invited women to also bring their teenage daughters and little girls to participate in this event because they “want to hold hands with them in prayer”.

“Women in White” will began prayers on March 1. The group will gather every day, Monday to Friday during the month of March at 6pm and every Saturday morning at 6am. The public is invited to join in.

On Good Friday, the national call to prayer will begin with intercessors raising up supplications at 6pm, and the official event begins at 7pm.


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