Oban Are On A Fishing Expedition

EDITOR, The Tribune.

MAY I give the Prime Minister and his cabinet some free advice on trying to get a refinery built.

You must find someone today unlike the past, who has an economic commitment to developing a refinery (they are not cheap).

You must also find someone with the assured funding, cash, no working over that.

You must also have a party who has a reason to refine their oil in that refinery.

Prime Minister, at the moment you have none of the above but believe me there are potentials who could bring to the table.

No reputable oil party would ask for the concessions you have to Oban, who have zero experience in the business.

Your operatives speak about the big boys hiding - sorry to them if the big boys were interested they would have no problem being out front – open and transparent and no shadows. Oban has gone on a fishing trip!

Does the Prime Minister understand that once a story like the Oban one is on the internet it totally exposes The Bahamas and the government.

The signing might have been a PR stunt, but lord look at all the bad publicity that stupid stunt has given The. Bahamas and the conception that anything has changed - remember the FNM has constantly told us this is the most corrupt country (still unproven).

The idiot who proposed that should be fired.



March 8, 2018.


birdiestrachan 1 year ago

The idiot is doc. too bad but true.


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