Holy Spirit Church To Unveil Final Resting Place For Cremated Remains

As Chippingham's Parish Church of the Holy Spirit celebrates the Feast of Pentecost this Sunday, it will also unveil a newly built final resting place for those members who wish to be cremated.

The church's Feast of Title will also be observed on Sunday. The highlights of the celebration will be a Pontifical Eucharist with the administration of the sacrament of Holy Confirmation at 9am. During the service, Bishop Laish Boyd will bless and consecrate the new Columbarium (Latin for 'dovecote') and washrooms.

Started in November last year, the Columbarium is designed to be a final resting place for those members and others in the community who wish to be cremated. It is named in honour of Willard and the late Myrna Aranha, two long-time church members. Behind the Columbarium stand two new state-of-the-art washroom facilities replacing the old cramped bathrooms built many years ago. The new washrooms are named in memory of the late Icylin and Canute Moseley, parents of Rudy Moseley of Original Patties fame. The Aranha and Moseley families were the principal donors towards this project, with the balance coming from other members and friends of Holy Spirit. The contractor was Ivan Thompson of Triple III Construction.

Canon Peter Scott, rector of the parish, said the new facility serves a dual purpose, one to provide a burial option for members who are leaning towards cremation (the church has no graveyard), as well as provide modern and larger bathrooms for the members who for many years had to bear with two tight, cramped facilities which were far from adequate. This is a long-awaited dream come true, he said.

Later in the day, the parish will hold its external solemnities at 3.30pm with a Solemn Evensong, a sermon, a mini concert in lieu of an outdoor procession, and a benediction. The preacher will be Father Andrew Toppin, parish priest of St James Church, Adelaide. The public is invited to share with the family of Holy Spirit on this most special Feast of Title celebrations.


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