Overtime At The Hospital

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I cannot see how persons at PMH cannot see when a person is crazy. Man, they work at the hospital and can’t pick that up. There is a lady that oversees a department that deals with your files, they call that kind of person an AO. She is also in charge of all the clerks you see her on the baby ward and clinics and the other wards.

I was at PMH one day last month the whole day. I overheard the staff talking about this lady in the hallway: they said how short of staff they were, because persons died and no replacement, persons retire and no replacement and persons also leave and it’s no replacement. They have fifty-two weeks workers that the former government deploy and they are not hiring them. They talked about wards not having clerks, they said it’s about seven wards without clerks. So patients on these wards can’t get their appointments made upon discharge sometimes there is no files pulled for the doctors to work with, etc, it has been like this for the past four years I heard.

It was said that they send a memo about only working two days a month for overtime and they said the crazy AO is enjoying that rule, but their department is short bad. And so now because they trying to save money and cut back in the budget, they only allowing them to work two days a month on overtime with a skeletal schedule.

PM and Minister of Health, it is not about the overtime, it’s about rendering healthcare and if the place short that bad and you not hiring, let the staff fill in and get the work done. Fish fry, fry fish. Team work makes PMH dreams work.

I listen to them talk about how she cut the overtime down almost to none. So work just backing up more. The department with the files by A&E what’s the use to run twenty-four hours only has one shift now and that the morning shift.

The 4pm-12 midnight shifts she trying to cut that out cause she don’t care if persons come or not, she leaves that empty and say no overtime. She cancel the 12 midnight-8am from last year, so if your family in A&E and no clerks in that file department they dead if the doctor needs the notes to help save your life. The daft woman ain’t care about patients it seems she is worrying about the money.

I found out what persons don’t know is that AO has a purple, pink or red card, she is really daft and that is why SRC didn’t want her working up there, because you cannot be a patient up there and worker also.

I suggest you either hire persons to do the work or let the staff that is there work like they were working before. And please put that daft woman to stay behind her desk to work with paper and leave the staff alone please, address this please.



May, 2018.


stillwaters 2 years ago

Did the reporter who wrote this article get any proof that the gripes of these workers are based in facts? Just wondering, because it just seems to be a juicy story based on hearsay.


joeblow 2 years ago

Its a letter to the Editor about a conversation overheard by someone while waiting to be seen in the outpatients department!


OMG 2 years ago

The whole system is screwed from PMH to family island clinics. Promotions based on who you know, corrupt practices like selling Goverment medication privately, pathetic man management And more. Good nurses are demoralised .


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