Airbnb Warning

EDITOR, The Tribune.

A warning to those using the internet services of AirBnB - Home Away from home like services - make sure that your insurance policy allows for a rental.

The incident shown on US News clearly shows the weak underbelly of AirBnB and others if you don’t read the fine print of your Home Insurance policies.

Call your insurance office if you are unsure.

When is the Ministry of Tourism going to ensure that these renters comply with long-established regulations - rentals must be registered and there is a tax - sorry those renters who don’t wish to contribute to the bad state of our finances you have an obligation and it has been around for years.

Hacking - the unlicensed offering of aircraft to the public - Minister D’Aguilar crack down on these people immediately. Lives are at risk… so I have a life insurance - I use one of these unlicensed planes unknowingly it crashes after my family tries to collect on my life insurance only to be told – he rented an unlicensed aircraft our liability is nothing! Crack down now.

LPIA - Hotel I agree with that previous letter writer - no need.



March 19, 2018.


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