Candle Sparked Fatal House Fire

GOLDEN Isles MP Vaughn Miller.

GOLDEN Isles MP Vaughn Miller.


Tribune Staff Reporter


GOLDEN Isles MP Vaughn Miller yesterday said a burning candle caused the house fire that tragically killed a five-year-old boy in Eleuthera on Monday night. 

Mr Miller expressed condolences to the family of the victim, who he identified as John Dorsette, during his address in the House of Assembly yesterday.  

Mr Miller told Parliament the family’s home did not have any electricity and candles were in use. Little John’s mother, Christine Sweeting, had briefly left the home while John and his ten-year-old sister remained inside, Mr Miller said. 

Mr Miller said when the fire started, the girl tried in vain to waken her little brother. She left the house to get help, but the younger child could not be rescued.  

When asked what caused the fire, Mr Miller later told The Tribune: “They do not have electricity and they were using candles for light. And the mom had just stepped out, just for a few minutes.” 

“She went, probably to a neighbour’s house. And the sister, I don’t know how it happened, but the sister realised there’s a fire and she could not awaken her five-year-old brother.  

“She tried to wake him up but the fire was burning bigger, getting hotter. So she went out to get help. And by the time (as) she got her mom and came back, it was too late.” 

According to earlier reports, Rock Sound Police Station officers were notified shortly after 9pm about a single-story home made of wood, with a concrete overlay, engulfed in flames in Green Castle, South Eleuthera.

Chief Superintendent Stephen Adderley said his team along with local residents tried to extinguish the flames to rescue the 5-year-old boy, but were unsuccessful.

“We discovered a young boy, the body of a male, in the residence burnt beyond recognition,” CSP Adderley said on Tuesday.  

“We were made to understand the youngster was home with his (10-year-old) sibling and apparently the (sibling) woke up to the fire and was able to get out but the youngster was left sleeping.

“The parents were not home at the moment,” Supt Adderley continued. “We understand that the parents were just a short distance away and returned home and met the house ablaze.”


Well_mudda_take_sic 5 months, 2 weeks ago

And dimwitted Minnis probably thinks increasing the VAT exemption level on BPL billings from $200 to $300 will save future little John's from such fires caused by candle mishaps. Some needs to whisper to the dimwitted Doc that it's the outrageous fuel surcharge most Bahamians cannot afford, and his policies are doing absolutely nothing to reduce that pain, either now or in the future.


jackbnimble 5 months, 2 weeks ago

He cheap as use the PLP slogan, 'Help and hope is on the way'. It's the people's time "to catch hell". At least Perry dem were comforting us as fools with the help thing.


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