Online Bookings Solution Processes $3.7m In 2018

An online bookings solution provider has announced the full launch of its services after processing almost $3.7m in direct excursions this year alone.

RezBS, which is targeting the Caribbean tour companies market, said it aims to empower local businesses by minimising commission payouts and bringing more tourism dollars into the local economy through direct customer acquisition.

"Our Beta customers have seen tremendous changes in their booking volumes and bottom line revenues since implementing RezBS," said its founder, Ben Jamieson. "In one case, a client was booking only about one-quarter of their customers directly through their site prior to implementation.

"Now they are booking nearly three-quarters of their customers directly, cutting the amount of commissions they've had to pay out by half, while increasing their overall volume of customers."

For many Caribbean tour and excursion providers, the majority of customer acquisition comes from third-party, foreign corporations such as Expedia, Travelocity and Viator, which charge a 20 to 25 percent commission for each referral.

RezBS, which works on a multi-tier, subscription-based model, said it never charges its clients booking commissions, thus empowering these small business owners to retain more of their revenues and expand their profits, staff and operations.

As a Wordpress plugin, RezBS said its tool can be installed in seconds, and can customise packages while upselling seamlessly for busy tour group operators. For those who do not have a Wordpress site, it added that its tools can be implemented with a few lines of code.

RezBS added that its solution is the only online booking tool that is fully integrated with the major banks and online payment gateways.


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